Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's A Turkey!

No Really!  This guy/gal was wandering around in the woods behind the house yesterday.  I don't usually see single turkeys at this time of year.  It's possible that she took a break from egg sitting or was food searching for turkeyettes.

 These are majestic birds.  I love the way the changing light changes the coloring.   Courting males with their tails in full array are something to see.  Now I see why Ben Franklin wanted the wild turkey as our national bird.

I made four new molds yesterday.  This will be a medium size plate, suitable for a sandwich or a snack.  I like to make my molds out of high fire clay fired to a low bisque temp.  They are absorbent and I don't have to worry about plaster getting into my clay.

I make the ovals in various sizes.  Sometimes I add little feet and glaze the exterior.  Most of the time I like to leave the exterior unglazed and burnished.

We had a pizza pig-out of Sunday.  Unfortunately we were so excited about eating them that I forgot the camera.  We did sauteed onions, potatoes and swiss cheese;  chicken, potatoes and provolone; bacon, tomato and cheese; and pepperoni and two cheeses.  We didn't do them on the grill as it was too windy.  We cook with charcoal and wood and even though the woods are wet it's stupid to take chances.

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  1. I love wild turkeys they are so cool; i have never made a mold before I might try that with high fire clay good idea.

  2. Great pictures and turkeys wow. Have a nice day.


  3. We've replaced most of the plastic and plaster molds at Mudfire with clay ones. They are just smarter to use. Do you burnish tera sig on the exteriors?

  4. Hi Linda....I think you find turkeys throughout most of the USA, which is pretty neat. I totally recommend molds for pieces you do in multiples. I make at least three of each so there is a little variation.

    Hi Elna....Thanks....enjoy the spring.

    Hi Lori.....I make a terra sig out of my terra cotta, put on a few coats and burnish like crazy. The nice thing I find with using my clay body is that the window of application seems to be winder.

  5. Totally agree with you on the statly Turkey. Ask any hunter and they will tell you they are one smart bird, nothing like our domesticated, really dumb ones. That always gives me hope that they will out fox the hunters.

  6. we had a hold clan of turkey's stop in one day- tried to live on the roof of the house.
    That was fun!

  7. Good tip about using low bisqued clay for molds... I do like the oval mold that you have made, it looks very impressive. We have semi wild chickens roaming through our place sometimes.., but no turkeys unfortunately!

  8. Hi Patti....Turkeys are smart; no doubt about it.

    Hi Meredith...The roof?! That must have been quite a sight!

    Hi Peter.....These are so easy to make. I just throw a ring that has the exterior contours I want, drag lots of water under it and shape it. i even did some hearts to celebrate a friends Valentine birthday party! I think turkeys are a North American phenomenon!


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