Friday, May 25, 2012

More Shoes

I've been looking at more of my shoe whistles.  Yes I did actually own pairs like these.  I only wore the big sole sandals a couple of times.  I bought them to go with a pair of pants.  Ah youth! I never had any qualms about wearing them.  Not anymore!  Without any sort of back strap they are ankle killers in the extreme!

Not so with the slides.  I wore them every Independence Day until they fell apart on my feet.  They were cute and comfortable.  I've never been able to find a replacement.

 All of which leads me to getting even more excited about making more shoes.  Somewhere I still have the prototypes of the baby shoes I used to make.  I'd rather make new ones than tear through old boxes!

The Yellow Flags Are Blooming!

I had these for several years in a pot under a drain spout so they always got plenty of water, but the clump never got very big.  Last summer we hacked it apart into five pieces and planted them around the pond.  It was probably a combination of constant water and the mild winter but they have taken off like gang busters.

I am not overly fond of yellow flowers except in the spring.  Yellow is a color that is rarely seen over the winter in this area.  For me it's a real harbinger of the season.  Now I need to get blue flags.

Have a good Memorial Day week end.

Thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. What a beautiful pond you have, I wear old clod hoppers now with arch supports and backs, but years ago what I didn't suffer through with shoes. Ha.

  2. Hi Linda.....there is still a lot of work to be done. A little judicious cropping leaves out the hoses and such.

    I wore three inch heels all day for years and thought nothing of it, until I spent a few years in the studio; then heels became torture! What we did for style!!!

  3. Oh the yellow one is adorable. Have a nice weekend.


  4. Hi Elna...thanks, they are a reminder of a misspent youth! Enjoy the weekend.........*s*

  5. Oh for the days when I could wear those. Now it is sensible shoes with orthodics. Yikes.
    Love your pond.

  6. Hi Patti....thanks. Sometimes I shudder to think what I did for style. Now it's reasonably sensible footwear......yeah!


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