Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Lots of rain......Hopefully preventing a drought later this summer. 

 This beech tree is probably my favorite tree on our property. Two years ago we cut down all the brush and weed trees around it.  The lower branches, which were shaded and crowded are recovering and starting to fill out.  Canopied forest means the trees have full crown and few if any lower branches.  This one is on the edge of the house clearing so it had more light than most.

Beech tree are survivors.  Shortly after we moved out here in the mid seventies we had a gypsy moth infestation that had to be seen to be believe.  It looked like april in july.  In all those years of devastation we never lost a beech.


Winter has been growing.  She's gotten over much of her initial shyness, although the wild turkeys gobbling are cause to be aware of monsters in the woods.  It's hard to get a picture of her as she spends most of her time bouncing when she is outside. 

I have two glazes being made.  One is my tried and true Linda Arbuckle.  The other is one we used in a Walter Ostrum work shop at Haystack, over twenty years ago, Andrea Gills WOM (Walter Ostrum Majolica....although Walter says it isn't his.)

It's starting to thunder so I'm going to turn stuff off.

Thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. That tree is beautiful, I can see why you love it. I suppose lots of birds and squirrels do also. It must be gorgeous in the fall also.

  2. That tree is spectacular! Our spring started dry but now we've been getting lots of rain. I'm hoping for NO drought this summer in GA too.

    Winter looks completely happy! Love that white against all that green.

    Happy glaze mixing.

  3. What color does the beech turn in the fall? Winter has grown like a weed, we are finally getting some rain today, finally, thank goodness.

  4. Love the beech! We have huge majestic copper beech across the street and have say it always looks good! Here on my half acre we need rain. I was wondering why the shelves aren't filling in the studio and realized, no rain days! Sun is out so I'm in the garden!

    Good pots and hot kilns to ya smart cat :)

  5. i had a lot of beech trees in my yard when i lived in Wilton, NH. they are a pretty tree.
    lots of rain here the last three days... along with rumbles of thunder. i am happy to see sun this morning!

  6. Winter is beautiful. Reminds me of my almost all white shepard mix although mine has developed quite the sneaky streak along with bounciness. Isn't it funny about the glaze name/recipe? I've had that happen too when I've shown another artist a clay or glaze body bearing their name and it's completely unfamiliar to them in the current form.

  7. Oh I envy you your rain. We only get teases here which don't even show in the rain gauge.
    I love the name Winter for your dog. Perfect.

  8. Hi's pretty cool year round.....the branches are a wonderful structure.

    Hi Judy....glad you are getting some rain.

    Hi Linda....beech goes from shades of light russet to pale gold. Some of our beech keep their leaves until spring. I think they are the basis for Tolkien's mallorn trees.

  9. Hi Sandy....warm, sunny days are so seductive, especially after a lot of rain.

    Hi Michele....I think your weather is a precursor of ours.

    Hi Barbara.......Our last pooch, Breezy, was a white german shepherd, a real beauty. We are calling Winter a 'long legged corgi'

    Hi Patti.....Hope more rain comes your way. Winter's name is from reading and watching entirely too much Game of Thrones!

  10. Yes, I remember those moths indeed! You know, we are SO dry, hardly any rain this year, and little snow, people's wells are running dry already! ours did in the hot midsummer drought last july, eeek!

  11. Here's hoping you get rain. A few years ago our well went dry, late fall through winter. We took water for toilets, showers etc. from the pool and hauled drinking water......not fun!

  12. I loved the mental image I got of Winter spending most of her time bouncing when she is outside! Age is not fair really, I have some memories of bouncing like Winter when I was about 5 or 6 years old, after that I seemed to discover gravity!

  13. So nice to meet you. I found your lovely site from dear sweet Arkansas Patti.
    I am looking forward to being a new follower.
    Your tree really is beautiful.
    Have a good weekend

  14. Hi Peter....Gravity seems to become more insistent as we age.....or should I say ripen?

    Hi Grandma Yellow Hair.....thanks for finding me. The cobbler looks delicious!


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