Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something Neat......

.......Is the way Gwen Murphy recycles shoes into strange wonderful personalities.  All should take a look at her work.

It was a little strange to find Gwen as I had been thinking and looking at the shoe whistles I made a few years back.  These are fairly small. 

 I think I'm going to try making some life size, but not pairs.  The impetus for singles comes from seeing single shoes by the side of the road.  How does you lose one shoe?   Do that many people ride around with their feet hanging out of windows?  I used to do a lot of driving and never saw feet hanging out of car windows.  Or perhaps it's like a bad divorce and the pairs break up any way they can.  

We'll see, grasshopper, we'll see...........

And yes, they do whistle.

Thanks for stopping by...............*s*


  1. So you can whistle while you walk? Sorry, my punny sense of humor couldn't resist. They are really fun, you inspired me.

  2. Love the shoes, I always wonder when I see shoes lying by the side of the road. I have seen a few folks with their feet hanging out of the window in the middle of summer. Ha. Oh you have inspired me too. I like to make purses and never made any colorful ones perhaps I'll make one this week.

  3. beautiful shoe whistles! now you have started us on a foot fetish :-)

    check out how Charan Sachar's ceramic wedding shoes:

  4. Yummy shoe whistles, and such great color and design too!

  5. Cute! My mom used to collect shoes, if she still did, I would have to get her one of these, Now she just buys them for her feet :)

  6. Lori- makes me laugh!
    Great shoes~~~~!

  7. So cute, lovely to decorate with. Have a nice time.


  8. Hi lori...I can whistle while I wok but can barely chew gum and walk!

    Hi Linda....yes! make some purses. You live in warmer climes so feet out the window may be more prevalent there.

    Hi Michele....thanks for Charan's wedding shoes...gorgeous.

    Hi Barbara...thanks, they're fun to make!

    Hi Tracey....I guess shoe collecting is a thing! Of course it goes completely over my head.

    Hi Meredith...that Lori! Thanks.

    Hi Gary.....thanks, how about elephant shoes?

    Hi Elna...thanks. Did you see the pictures of Aloysius in my last post?

  9. Ah, Lori beat me to it. Those shoe whistles are adorable. I too have always pondered the lone shoe syndrome.

  10. Hi Patti....Thanks. I think Lori beat us all this time.


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