Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've been making another balloon vessel.  This one is a pitcher.  I wrapped the clay in stages and let it set up enough to continue.  The most difficult part was placing the feet.  I'm still not satisfied with them as I don't think they reflect the general nature of the pot.  Perhaps some texture of some sort on feet and the handle would make it more coherent.  I do like the spout.  It has the same folded quality as the body of the pitcher.  One thing about hand building is that I have to be aware of the interiors.  Odd little folds and bumps can totally screw up the pouring function.  There's nothing quite like thinking you are going to pour a stream and ending up with a water fall!


The ballon allows a nice soft pillow for the rim to rest upon.  The feet would sink into the body if I were to dry it right side up.  In the bottom picture the ballon has deflated a bit, but still supports the body.  I took the balloon out after I put the handle on, but before I started working on the rim and spout.         I poked holes in the ballon and let it deflate slowly.  I'm not sure that this is important as the clay is leather hard at this point.  I'm also not sure that it's necessary to wrap the ballon in tissue paper.  There are large portions where the paper tore and it didn't seem to make a difference.

I have a a few more started that are a little smaller so I can experiment with feet, handles whatever.  

When I did my list of stuff for the Sunshine Award I substituted Favorite Dessert for Facebook/Twitter.  I don't do either because it doesn't have any application to my life.  I feel no need to share what I had for breakfast or what line I am standing in.  I suppose if I ever get serious about selling again, it's something I should consider.  Although I think the time would be better spent in making stuff.

I think creativity is for the most part a solitary occupation.  Talking or writing too much can remove the magic.  Once I get an idea going, I want input.  That's when I have found this blog invaluable.  It's not quite the same as looking at the actual object, but it's a pretty close second.

By the way my favorite dessert this week is ice cream and cookies.  I am contemplating making a pineapple right side up cake.....don't ask!

It's going up to the eighties today.  I need to get some plants in before it gets too hot.

Thanks for stopping by.............*s*

Talk about brain farts! (See Kings Creek Pottery.)  I forgot to put in the photo of the pot with the balloon in it.  Can I blame the dog and cats deciding to go bug-f#*k?  Doesn't the balloon look cosy nestled in the clay?

Enjoy the day...........*s*


  1. Oh I like the form and feet and great description, I've always wanted to use a balloon now where did I put that package I bought. Ha.

  2. That's a neat process.
    We have enjoyed pleasantly warm days and cool nights this week, but by tomorrow we are supposed to be in the triple digits... ICK.

  3. It's just so cool, reminds me of a pig *smile*. Can I order one to Sweden?


  4. Hi Linda....thanks.....use those balloons!

    Hi Michele....thanks....remember to stay hydrated in this weather. I may do a post about not drinking enough in warm weather.

    Hi Elna...Wow! When I get some finished we can talk about buying. You have given the line a name: Pig Pots!

  5. When I was teaching kids at the Artscenter we made birdhouses in a very similar shape with balloons. It was a crazy project to try with kids, but they turned out so great. This pitcher reminded me of them. I like the addition of feet, they seem fine to me...
    FB and Twitter don't have an application in my life either...

  6. Hi Tracey....I used to use plastic bags stuffed with crumpled newspaper when I was teaching my class of developmentally delayed adults. They did some pretty cool forms....hanging planters, animals, you name it.
    Your thoughts about Facebook/Twitter were what got me thinking about them. Neither seems to have any bearing on my life.

  7. When I was last at Penland the paper classes where using balloons as form for paper sculpture much like you're doing here. I loved the way the texture and color of the natural fiber paper looked against the vibrantly colored, smooth balloons. Much like your clay, the contrast was so interesting.

  8. I kind of saw a pig also. Pig pots is cool.
    How clever to use a balloon.

  9. Hi Lori....I used to use balloons as a base for making lamp shades out of tissue paper...thanks for the reminder. Now I have to think about glazing!

    Hi Patti....PigPots they are! Thanks.

  10. never thought of using a balloon in that way or never have I seen a handbuilt pitcher! fun to discover your blog.


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