Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Award

Lori Buff at Future Relics Pottery has been so kind as to give me the Sunshine Award.

Sunshine Award is a kind of chain letter spreading good will and good cheer.  The rules are to answer ten questions.  From what I have seen on other blogs these are fluid.  If you don't like the questions, make up your own.

We also have to name and link to ten blogs.  If you feel to much pressure to participate just say so.  But remember you don't have to do it immediately!  It's supposed to be fun not boot camp!

In no particular order:

Mountain House Studios
Meesh's Pottery
Peter's Pottery
JB FlowersandVeg
Anna's Ceramics
BarnBarroch Pottery
Tracey Broome Pottery
Paine Falls Pottery
Lorraine Young Pottery

And the questions:

Favorite Color:  Today it's violet...yesterday hot pink
Favorite Animal:  Cat-Dog.....with a secret passion for Flamingoes
Favorite Drink:  Tea...I'm thankful it's legal
Favorite Dessert:  Ice Cream and Cookies
Book or Movies:  Books...but again there is film that I adore
Passions:  Clay, Gardening, Tea and most recently Opera
Giving or Receiving Presents:  Giving, because the delight is so rewarding.  Receiving because it's fun
Favorite Day:  The Summer Solstice
Favorite Flower(s):  Fuchsias, Columbine, Lilies....almost anything that blooms.

I subbed dessert for Facebook/Twitter because I don't do either.

I know there is supposed to be the sunflower download, but I am terrible at downloading.

Sunny...a good day for pottery and planting!

Thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. Dessert seems like a much better option than either facebook or twitter.

  2. Thank you for the award. I will come back to it later.


  3. Congrats on the award and thanks for the list of new places to visit.
    Some of them I all ready enjoy.
    Good to see someone else is not locked in to a favorite color.

  4. Well that's fun! I do wish rainbow was a color :)
    Off to read other blogs, this is really a nice idea. Packing for shows, firing kilns, glazing and need to do a rant off the rack blog on web hosting, domain names and apple but when!!!

    Be strong and carry on ...... Love this time of the year! Up with birds and to bed with lightening bugs.


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