Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cleaning or............

Where does it all come from?  Another rainy day so I've been rearranging my studio to make it easier to set up for glaze decoration.  I used to do all that in back where I have my kilns,  but most of that has turned into storage.  I must admit that it's much nicer to work in front where I can look out onto the garden and pond.  Finding a way to set up an area that isn't a hassle has been the problem.  Think I have figured it out.

The bowl is one of several I did of angel's trumpets about fifteen years ago.  This was the first one...the later ones had a more natural, flowery feel to them.   I like keeping my prototypes for my own use.  It let's me see how much abuse my stuff can take!

 To see the real thing go over to Linda"s blog.  She has some wonderful photos of pretty pink ones.

Off to pick up the chain saws and take Winter to see Dr. Mike for her last Lyme shot!

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  1. Oh these are very nice stylized angel trumpets, I love your design. I wish I had seen this before I posted I could have linked to you too. Ha. we'll have to coordinate our posts. In my garage where I glaze I have a couple of saw horses and I put some long 2x20s on them to load and unload the kiln it really extends my table space.

  2. they are 1 x 10s not 2 x 20s. Ha. but they are 8 feet long.

  3. Beautiful plate, of course I thought of Linda's post the second I saw it. Must be something going on with those trumpets.

  4. I really like that plate. The angel tumpets are being so nicely displayed between you and Linda.

  5. Hi Linda...great minds and all that jazz.

    Hi Meredith...thanks

    Hi Lori....Linda's photo is inspiring.

    Hi Gary....Yes! Thanks!

    Hi's fun to see different interpretations of the same subject.


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