Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fish Gotta Swim!

We had another one and a half to two inches of rain yesterday.  It was so wet the frogs were hopping around in the grass.  I have no complaints when I hear of some of the fires that are happening elsewhere in the country.  We live on the edge of several thousand acres of state management area, so fire in a dry season is a constant worry.

The fishy fellow below is a prototype.  I make small fish whistle and paint a lot of fish on my pots so when I was asked for a big fish what could I say?  I have several more in the works.  It's been enjoyable to make larger versions of the small whistles I have been making.

The poppies are, rather were, starting to bloom.  I shot this one before the rain.  The blooms are so fragile that the rain really beats them up.  And the wet has led to more fungus. Hopefully there will be a few more blooms.  I think I'm going to transplant them out into the yard with the day lilies.  Some will most likely continue in their original place.  Poppies need only a small piece of root to put out a new plant.

Winter was very happy to have the sun come out this morning.  She loves to zoom around the yard with her favorite squeaky toy.  The easiest thing is to let her come into frame and then shoot, as she moves so quickly.   I didn't think a little dog could be so fast.  We've decided her breed is Long Legged Corgi!

I've been doing a lot of glazing in the last 24 hrs.  The hardest thing is waiting for the glaze to dry so I can size it and start the designs.  I have bunch of stuff under the heat lamps.  Working on soft glaze leads to disaster.

Time to go get the papers.  Happy day to all.

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  1. what a great fish and your dog looks so happy.

  2. Love the fish! I really enjoy seeing and reading about your process because it is so different than the way I work.

  3. the rain must have bought out the fish as well- the fish is lovely.

  4. I have such trouble capturing my pup with the camera. It is often a blank image of where the dog was a moment ago, so you did well to catch that enthusiastic movement. Love the fish and wish we could share your rain. It's often predicted but rarely comes.

  5. So glad you are getting so much rain. I never complain about it either having been through too many droughts. My grass was winter brown till last night when we finally got some water.
    Don't know how it happens so fast but this morning, there is green everywhere.
    Laughed at your long legged corgi tag.

  6. oooo ooooo so much goodness to view here! Love your dog and your work :) the rain is so bad I wonder if some tomato plants will rot or something...sigh....

  7. I love that fish, it's so different from so many others I've seen. Well done.

  8. Nice fish and a happy dog, what more can you wish for *smile*. Here the weather still is very cold brrrr.


  9. Hi Linda...from being quite timid when we got her, Winter has turned into a bouncy little pooch.

    Hi of the things I love about blogging is the access to so many different ways of doing clay.

    Hi's been raining so much the fish are ready to swim on the grass.

    Hi pups can be hard to photograph....hope you get some rain.

    Hi always amazes how quickly things green up when there is rain after drought.

    Hi Gary....I am going to have replant my basil and dill, don't know about tomatoes but my poppy buds are turning black.

    Hi up....big fish whistles.

    Hi Elna....we are going to be wet and in the fifties and sixties for the rest of the week. Time to be cozy indoors.

  10. Nice fish and great blog. You have a great writing style. It reminds me of mine :)

  11. Hi Anonymous....thanks for stopping by. Life is strange: ten minutes ago I had 22 followers, now I have 26!

    Blog and they will follow!

  12. Love your poppy and your puppy

  13. Hi Annie....thanks, unfortunately the rain has beaten down most of the and frogs are in their element.


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