Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Frog

WOW!  An entire week plus, without posting.  I've been busily recycling clay....trying to get ahead so I can get some more done on the tiles for the stove surround.  I'm using terra cotta, but I want it to all be of the same consistency.  Much easier to do a project when I reduce as many variables as possible.

I was looking at more of the little tree frogs.  The more I looked the more I want to make them.  This little guy is purely experimental.  I need to work on the feet.  I love the little ball tips of the toes.  Also I have made my colors too light.  It doesn't show in the photo but my guy is mottled in shades of gray and gray-green.

When I start a project I like to look at the real thing and photos, and perhaps, do a few sketches.  Then I put everything away and work from my rather faulty memory.  I find I get a lot more personality and gesture if I don't continually reference the actual creature.  Next I'll put the photos away again and go for another round.
Just what I need.  More frogs!

I like this little guy splayed out in the spring sun.  He looks so content.

Meanwhile, what I think is an orchid cactus has put out a bloom.  Wish I had seen it earlier.  It was at the very back of the plant.  I'll try to photograph it each day as the flower gets bigger.  More on that later.

We had about an inch of rain last night.  The plants are happy, but more mowing is in order.

It's going to be up in the high nineties, low hundreds tomorrow in southern New England.

Stay cool....thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. Hi Lori...Thanks,,,,the real ones are about 1&1/2 inches long; my guy is almost 3 inches.

  2. glad you're back to blogging. saw frogs like that while on a visit to Costa Rica. orchid cactus? like the process you used in making this frog.

  3. Love your frog - and I can almost hear all those frogs near you - after that rain!
    This has been such a hot hot summer. You stay cool too!

  4. Hi Amy....Thanks; it felt longer than it actually was. Those little frogs are everywhere these days. More later about the orchid cactus.

    Hi Judy....Thanks; rain at night is the best. Enjoy your new home. It's gorgeous!

  5. I know, I love the frogs too! I was just trying to get a photo of my beagle trying to eat one....

  6. What a cute little guy. The second picture is a bit funny. Have a great day.


  7. Hi Gary...they are such cute little guys. Winter enjoys chasing toads. We have lots of babies, about the size of my thumbnail. The toads don't seem very enthusiastic about the game!
    Winter got off her run and disappeared into the woods, what a fun half hour that was, following a pooch, who is small enough to go under briars and undergrowth, through the trees. I think we may have to go to a harness. What finally slowed her down and allowed us to catch her was.....oh yes!....a toad!

    Hi Elna....thanks. That little guy was sprawled on the rock last spring as though he was going to absorb every available bit of sun!

  8. i think you guys are getting the heat we had last week. still warm & muggy in the south but no longer 100 degrees.
    stay cool, stay inside, and make more cute frogs!

    anxious to see you cactus bloom. i love cacti.

  9. That frog is adorable.He looks a bit shy.
    We are having similar weather and thanks to some rain, I got to mow today. I have actually missed mowing.

  10. Hi again tomorrow. These are the times when I am so glad I don't live in a city. Even in the heat there are nice spots outside.

    Hi Patti...I think we'll get more rain at the end of the week. Happy mowing!

  11. If you want tree frogs, come visit me in Florida! Good grief, have we ever got frogs. I'm not sure what kinds you have up north, but be careful Smart Cat and Gary, with your lovely pooches. In Florida we have several varieties of toads and frogs that are quite poisonous to dogs. My neighbor's dog ate one (we think) and almost croaked. Sorry, couldn't resist the easy, bad pun.

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