Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where Do You Get.......

......Your Crazy Ideas?

Roger Zelazny always said he left milk and cookies on the door step at night and in the morning the tomte would have left a nice pile of story ideas.

This, in addition to being a kitchen string holder, is a CHERRY PITTER!  Saw this on Food 52's blog and thought...why a beer bottle?  If I make the string hole a little bigger it should do the trick.  Et voila! A dual purpose item.

I threw these yesterday.  It has been so humid that they are nowhere near ready to have their tops cut.  This is the same basic form I use for honey jars and garlic keepers...yes I do close in the tops for them.

I would love to see what others do with this.  I don't have a corner on the idea after all.


Yesterday the pool ladder bit the dust.  It was over thirty years old, so I have no reason to complain.  It's just the nuisance of having one more thing to do.  Right now I get out of the pool by bouncing up and down in the water and flopping on the deck....sort of like a beached whale.  Not a pretty sight....oh so glad I live out of sight of neighbors and street.  There is no desire to be Another Roadside Attraction!

Winter started doing her job yesterday and went out on the deck to bark at the deer in the woods.  They have learned that they won't be chased but did retreat to the other side of the stone wall, which is where we want them.  They are so beautiful, but so destructive.

Speaking of deer, the hostas are recovering quite nicely from their devastation.  At least they are blooming and putting out new leaves.  Winter and chili peppers are doing the trick!

Has anyone ever heard of red beetle?  From what I read on Google they are native to China, Asia....and have recently been found in New England.  They have done a number on my lilies...hemerocallis... seem to be immune.   I think what I am going to do is start a new bed in a different area and do what I can to kill them.

I got a sale on morning glories.....they were badly tangled....I took them apart and have been potting them up.  By August the shed should be overrun with them.  My moonflowers are struggling though.....we'll see, grasshopper...we'll see!

More hot weather today.  I'm writing this on the deck and listening to Bach.  The only sound are some chirping birds.

Stay cool and remember to drink lots of liquids.  Did you know that in the tropics beer,but not wine, counts as liquid intake?  Just saying....I'm sticking to chai lattes.

Hare and Rabbits!

Enjoy the day......thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. Dual purpose is cool and you are so lucky your dog chases the deer away. I don't think I could get out of our pool without the steps. Ha.

  2. Love those closed jars with "lids soon to come". I was thinking of morning glories this morning too. Don't have any, and miss their bright blue good mornings. The time I had heat stroke at a crafts show in FL was due to drinking just beer. I learned my lesson. I'm a water gal now!

  3. the cherry pitter idea is so very cool. I am not a big cherry eater but I will remember that simple idea.

    we are battling the garden bugs too. all of our swiss chard and brussels sprout leaves are full of holes.

  4. I am writing this shivering just a bit. The day started at -6 Centigrade (21.2 F) and it is not a great deal more inside our place. Your swimming pool antics (departing the water by bouncing!!), reminds me that I looked at our Ginger cat's water pot this morning, and the ice had curved up into a dome shape that was impossible for me to break. He insists on drinking outside from a pot that is about 1 foot high. It is nice for him, because he can sit down to drink, and look at the view at the same time. Now I'll have to get some boiling water to work... or vodka! The cherry pitter is really ingenious.
    I'll try to avoid "staying cool", but I will remember to drink lots of liquids..., hot ones!
    Best Wishes, P

  5. Dang, wish I had seen that pitting trick before I froze my plums with pits still in them. Next time.
    Grasshoppers are abundant here and the heat is brutal. Nothing under 100 for the past week with the coming week forcast the same.
    Just as housebound as if there were 3 feet of snow outside.

  6. Hi Linda...Winter has just begun to bark at the deer. Before she would turn tail and run into the house.

    Hi Barbara....Summer isn't summer for us without morning glories. I think the idea was that one or two beers could be included as liquid intake!

    Hi Michele....bugs, Bugs, Bugs! I have the Safer's and Bt in use. So annoying to see all your hard work go to the bugs.

    Hi Peter...I forget that you are going into your cold season now. I love the idea of Ginger sitting down to drink his water; it's so dignified. Stay warm and dry!

    Hi Patti...Don't know if it would work with would need a larger area to balance the fruit I would think. It's 82F here but the humidity dropped last night. Very pleasant in the shade.

    Hi Gary...BAD DEER! Get out the chili pepper and put it on all your stuff. Right now I am making a strong solution of jalapenos that I got cheap. I dilute and spray it....not so sneezy as powder!

  7. We cut down trees to put up buildings and paved roads, we drive cars that run into deer sometimes killing them instantly, sometimes slowly while polluting the air we all breathe, we hunt deer for food and to hang their pretty heads on the wall like art and you call deer destructive! I'm not being critical. Except for the hunting I'm guilty of destroying the deer's habitat too, I just think a few hostas and such are a small sacrifice to make in an effort to get along with animals and nature.
    I love the cherry pitters.


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