Thursday, September 20, 2012

A View


The environment outside my studio is almost as important as my studio itself.  This is what I see when I look out my south windows. I did shoot these outside the windows to avoid reflections.  The light is so bright it's difficult to get good photos.  I should have taken the camera out with me at six-thirty, when I took Winter out!

 Everything still looks pretty summery.  We have had cool nights but nothing near frost temps.  It's beginning to feel like autumn, however.  The light has changed.  The air has a clarity to it that only comes with the lower humidity of the changing season. 

 These are the morning glory and moon flower towers.  One reason I hope for a long fall is that the moon flowers and dahlias are blooming so nicely.

This is the shed with the newly dug area we are putting in for a small vegetable garden nest year.  The soil needs a lot of amending as we are on glacial moraine.

Further to the right is the pond in the foreground with the pool in the background.  With the last rain the water temp has dropped to 66F....too cold for me.  I still wonder how we swam in the ocean when we were kids and thought it was warm.  We would insist we were not cold even though our lips were blue.  But coming out of the water always meant a treat of some sort; so it wasn't too bad.


I've been fascinated with beer bread since Gary did a post a while ago about it.  His recipe is simple and tasty.  You will have to scroll down a bit but it's there.

Of course I have to complicate things by trying a slow rise beer bread.  This turned out to be very tasty indeed.  It's quite dark; Proge says it looks like chocolate bread.  It also makes a fantastic pizza dough.  We did one loaded regular pizza and one with goat cheese, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil.  I let it rise a bit longer than usual so it was almost like a foccaccia.

And finally the obligatory photo of animals.  This one is of Winter and Aloysius half arguing and half accommodating each other on my chair in the sunroom.  There is some doubt about who has what right to the chair and when.  Yesterday I had two cats an a dog on my lap.

I'm headed down to the studio to finish up some more bag pots I started yesterday.

We'll see, grasshopper........we'll see....

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Have a sunny day and, as always, thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. What a great view, love your cat and dog together, so sweet. and what a great spot for a garden near the quaint shed.

  2. You just have a little piece of heaven right there in your own backyard!

  3. Your views and land are just beautiful. How many acres around your studio?

    I made the beer bread the last time you posted -- the 'risen-loaf' looks scrumptious. I just might spend some time in the kitchen this afternoon. . . . .

  4. you are living the life!
    I will have to try the beer bread soon.

  5. Beautiful view you have. Animals are always so cute and funny.


  6. Hi Linda....It does work out. Wish I could get a photo of the whole gang together. That will probably happen when it gets cooler.

    Hi Tracey....A friend of Proge's called it Shangra La....we think of it as elf style after having entirely too much Lord of the Rings in our lives.

    Hi Judy....Thanks, glad you enjoyed the bear bread. We have eleven acres, with the eighteen acres I sold a few years ago behind us and five acre pieces on either side of us which all backs up onto a state management area. It still feels like country even though there are more houses on the other side of the street than when we moved out here.

    Hi Meredith...It's pretty nice out here, but you look like you have a pretty special place too.

    Hi Elena....It's a good thing they are cute and funny. Sometimes it is their only saving grace! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

  7. lovely elfin surroundings! ... i have an elfin photo to post soon, be on the lookout.

  8. Dearest Suzi,

    Your garden looks quite lush!
    Love the spoiled pets in your chair. I certainly can relate to that lap demand. They own you!
    Hugs to you,

  9. Hi Suzi,

    Found you through Artists in Blogland. Great post! I crave a good outdoor view when I am creating. Yours is beautiful.

  10. Hi Michele.....Looking forward to your photos.

    Hi Mariette....Thanks. Always questionable who owns whom.

    Hi Carol....Artists In Blogland works! Thanks for stopping by.


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