Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bowl Mold

While doing some clean up I managed to find the bowl that goes with the square plates I made much earlier.  I don't usually bother with molds like this, but I want the final bowl to be a good size.  I may make one using the inside of the bowl to make a smaller form.  One of the things I like about using clay for my molds is that by making and firing multiple forms I can shrink them and have the form remain consistent. 

Wrapped form on slab

Corners pinched with excess clay cut away

Corners cut, paddled and sponged

Form with bowl in it; excess tissue paper torn away; rim work

Form removed; tissue left in to add a little strength

Finished form
The early steps are done fairly quickly in succession.  Removing the bowl from the clay is a little tricky as the clay had to be dry enough to stand on its's own, but not so dry that it will crack as it shrinks.  I used both the sun and a hair dryer set on low to get this to the pint of removal.

Cloudy after early morning sun.  We're supposed to have a few showers, then sun for the rest of the week end.  I sure am glad I remembered to bring the laundry in last night!

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  1. I'll have to try making one of these molds, I just use the plastic forms over and over again as slump molds, but with hump molds I can add feet easier.

  2. Hi of the neat things about a mold like this is that you can use it either way. With a hump mold it'a so easy to add the feet when you make the pot.

    Hi Michele...You're welcome!

  3. Dearest Suzi,

    You are very savvy it looks like in producing this without mistakes. Smart for using sun + hair dryer in achieving perfect drying.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Hi Mariette...The wonders of photos make it look mistake free.

  5. I had a bowl like this I would bring in to my classes when I was teaching pottery. Whenever I see one I am reminded of a student that used it as a hump mold and didn't remember to take it off, it was bone dry when she unwrapped it and it just crumbled apart. She was so sad after all that hard work a new student goes through to make a thing. It really does make a great bowl though, if you do it right, like you :)

  6. What a nice bowl and you make it sound so easy *smile*.


  7. Nice, I should use this post to show students when they want to learn to build from a mold. Thanks

  8. Hi Tracey....When I was teaching I would bring in a hand built bowl and a mug and the forms I used to, illustrate how much clay shrinks form making to glazing. Most of them did not really believe their eyes, but at least it gave them an idea of shrinkage.

    Hi Elna....That's the idea; make it look easy after lots of practice.

    Hi Christa...Thanks.

  9. That's a nice shape for a bowl, I like the idea of successive molds getting smaller,

  10. Hi Michelle....Thanks for stopping by. Clay's shrink factor can be a huge advantage.


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