Monday, September 24, 2012

What Do You Do....


Christa posted photos of a walk she and her husband took yesterday.  Check out that barn!  What I liked most were the cups with plants in them.  They reminded me that using cracked or otherwise unusable pottery can often be recycled into other uses.

I took a few quick shots of pots I use for plants.  I took these on my deck.  I have some mugs by other potters that are out on the pool deck.  It was starting to rain, so I came back inside.  I can be such a wuss about a little rain!

This was a favorite bowl I used to take down to my studio with fruit in it.  The glaze was not good enough to sell it, but it was a good shape to use until the cats knocked it around and put a crack in it.  This is why I only use my own seconds in my studio and outside.  All the collected mugs are used only in the upstairs living area.where there are rugs and most things bounce!

 This was the lower part of a bird feeder I made a long time ago.  It works quite well as a flower pot.  I may do a few without the drain holes in the saucer section.

This is a goblet that is positively ancient. It has a crack in it to provide drainage!  It's in stoneware so it I must have made it in the first or second year I was potting, before I switched entirely to majolica and low fire clay.  I do remember that I had made about nine or ten of them that I put in my then co-op's Christmas sale and a customer bought eight of them.  I was thrilled!

I'm taking the car in for inspection this afternoon, after being completely oblivious to it's needing to be done at the end of August.  For the most part, I drive so little these days that I tend to miss dates.  My toes are crossed that all goes well and I don't end up spending lots of money!  I can't complain about car expenses this year...two new tires and air conditioning repairs....pretty good for an SUV that is Twenty-two years old.  My goodness, not only can my auto vote but it can drink too!

Have an enjoyable day and as always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. What nice things you have and what does it do if there is a crack.


  2. I'm laughing out loud about the car. Mine is still a young 16 year out teen years! Me too, using pots that can grow things!

  3. That is funny- just as long as the car is in by 9 you should not worry- if it stays out all night -trouble.
    I love reuse of the pots.

  4. thank you for reminding me... my car needs to be inspected and registered this month and the days are running out.

  5. we're lucky no inspections here in Florida, some could use it though, what kind of car do you have?

  6. Dearest Suzi,

    Hope your twenty-two year auto does not become a heavy drinker! You are too funny.
    Lovely planters you show and that is a great cactus, did it bloom already?
    Hugs to you,

  7. Hi Elna...Thanks; cracks don't matter when it holds a plant.

    Hi Barbara....Oh those terrible teens! Watch out for unexplained late nights.

    Hi Meredith....As I said, you have to worry about the late nights.

    Hi Michele....Tempus fugits....but where does it flies to?

    Hi Linda...Florida cars seems to be either well-kept or held together with duct tape! I have a Toyota 4RUNNER; I call it the Red RAbbit because it just keeps going!

    Hi Mariette...I hope so too!
    The cactus is an off shoot of a bigger one. It blooms but not profusely. I was told it's an orchid cactus, but it the buds open slowly. The flowers looks something like yours but they are a pretty pink and, I think, smaller. I did a post on it at the beginning of summer.

  8. P.S. Mariette....the orchid cactus post is


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