Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back to Basics?

This is my old Amaco treadle wheel which was given to me in 1990 by my college art department.  Somebody had left it there many years before.  They had no use for it; I sure did.  I threw on it for years until I had surgery and had to switch to my electric wheel full time.

I had no difficulty in adjusting to the treadle as I was used to using a treadle sewing machine when I did leather work.  I had this in my old house in a corner directly under a skylight.  It was a gambrel with four skylights and a wide window across the south end.  I still miss working in that incredible natural light.  But then I think, if it were at all possible, I would live in a greenhouse!

I brought it out from it's storage tarp on Wednesday when we had no idea when the power would be restored.  I'm going to finish cleaning it up and bring it inside.  I think I will use it for trimming.  With a riser on it, it also makes a great banding wheel.


 Daylight savings ended last night.  Most of my time pieces automatically reset.  I have one or two battery clocks that I have to set, but that's it.

This was the sunrise.  The colors were actually far more intense, but I have yet to learn how to capture that in a photo.

i still have flowers blooming happily away in the garden.  This petunia is budded and ready to bloom.  I may dig it up and winter it over.  There's something so enjoyable about having them in bloom in January.  Yes, spring will come.

Give a cat a bag and he will come.  Aloysius thinks they are fine for all manner of things.  This morning I emptied a kibble bag into the bin and put the (big) bag on the floor for a little play-time.  Aloysius and Kiki were in the bag with Winter trying to join them.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of that one!

I'd like to thank everyone again for all your kind thoughts and wishes during and after Sandy.  We are pretty much back to normal, but there are many people in other places who are still hurting.  Several areas are going to be at least another week, maybe more, without power.

This post can also be found over at Mud Colony.  Go check it out.  There's always something interesting going on there.

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  1. Love your treadle wheel! And that sunrise photo is beautiful.
    Gotta love cats - they certainly know how to play - or sleep!
    Yes, I really hate that NJ & NY are having such a difficult time. My friends in WV were hammered by a heavy wet snow. Feeling lucky to be dry & warm.

  2. Seeing all the devastating makes my appreciate not being hit by a hurricane down here and realize the force of nature. Sunsets are always so much more wonderful in person than I can capture in photos. My cats also get in paper bags and any boxes left empty on the floor. Ha.

  3. what a cute kitty photo!
    That is a cool looking wheel, great that you got it out... even if you didn't use it, it's nice to look at.

  4. we are thankful that many folks are in good shape but heartbroken for those that are not.
    I feel so lucky that we are warm, dry and have a home.
    That will make a great trim wheel.

  5. Dearest Suzi,
    Of course, I LOVE your phrase Back to Basics as it is part of my business name!
    Lovely photos you show, maybe not perfect for you but for us it is a joy to see such a sunrise.
    Cats are funny, nice to watch them play.
    Hugs to you and blessings to all that need still some prayer.

  6. Hi photography skills need a lot of work, but slowly improving. The weather is certainly interesting.

    Hi Linda....Florida has had more than it's share of hurricanes. When my sister was in Del Ray Beach, three in one year, and Rita in 2005? Plus,,,

    Hi Michele...I love looking at it and it's great for trimming because the trimmings just sweep into the bucket hole. We often say that the cuteness of our animals is their redeeming quality.

    Hi Meredith....A warm, dry home, food, clean water, power....we can do just about anything with those.

    Hi Mariette....Thanks...glad you like the photos.

  7. I see pics of your woods and it is like DANG! We gotta vacation at your place next year ;) Oh my, your kitty in the bag, yep, TOTALLY Spike's cousin :)

  8. Great treadle wheel. I use an old kick wheel for trimming and I love that. I love the quiet noises of the manual wheels better than the electric hum, I just don't want to throw on one all day.

  9. Hi Gary....Yes, definitely cousins!

    Hi Lori....I don't think I want to go back to throwing on a treadle, but as you say, trimming is another story.


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