Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Always Sumthin'......again

This is what happens when low fire glaze goes on a terra cotta plate that has been sitting around for a while.  All those little brown spots are glaze crawls where there was grease or some other scuz in the surface.  I did this a few years ago; found it during a clean-up.  A fine lesson in reminding me to cover stuff as soon as it comes out of the kiln if I can't glaze it right away.  A good hard spray with vinegar and water is also a good idea.

If you click on the picture you can get a better idea of what I am talking about.

 Our Christmas sale at the South County Art Association started Friday.  I did not go over until four o'clock, when it was really slow.  Things were busy and crowded earlier, with people waiting to get in when it opened.  I haven't sold much, but then, due to the hurricane and then the well pump giving us a jolly time, I don't have anywhere near the stock I was planning on.

I'm going to fire on Monday-Tuesday, so I will have a lot more stuff when we start up again on Wednesday.  We are rethinking our hours for next year.

If we are going to open Thanksgiving week end I would like to see us do something to connect customers to Small Business Saturday....... not sure what we could do..... perhaps a give away item that day only.

Despite pump problems we had a great very low key Thanksgiving.  Below are turnips and part of a sausage roasting on the grill.  Potatoes and squash were done earlier.  Roasting the vegetables gives them a wonderful, earthy flavor.  I generally boil a few potatoes makes them easier to mash.

Here is the turkey, almost ready to come off the grill.  I stuffed it with herbed bread, apples, cranberries, dried cherries and blueberries, sausage, onion, mushrooms, pecans and walnuts.  Everything was precooked and went into the brined bird just before it went over the coals.

Today is turkey soup day.....a good thing to make in the slow cooker as I am thinking mostly about pottery and glazing.

Thanks to all those who commented on my Thanksgiving Day post.  That has always been a great favorite of mine.  I love the idea of other pairings!

High cirrus clouds today are making the sunshine look cold today.  When I was out with Winter at 5:30 AM in heavy sweats, I was looking at the stars and thinking, "Three and a half months ago I was out here in the sun wearing a tee shirt and sandals."   Sometimes it's hard to believe it's the same planet!

I managed to miss the post time on Mud Colony, but go take a look anyway.  There are lots of cool posts up this week.

Have a happy, productive and/or lazy day.

As always, thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. Sorry about your plate - it's a lovely one. Your turkey dinner looks wonderful!

  2. Sorry about that plate. I know one potter said she likes to glaze the second everything comes out of the kiln. I leave my work in the kiln till I am ready to glaze. I think a plastic sheet over the top of things would help. I use plain water to clean my pots, never thought of the vinegar, so far so good.

  3. and that plate should have been a beauty! We leave this out for weeks prior to glazing. We usually give them a a quick dunking in water and let dry an hour or so before glazing.
    Your turkey looks delicious!

  4. Love your full post. I wish I'd been at your house for T-day dinner. It must have been very tasty! I hope your firing goes well and sales pick up.

  5. A plate with dots, why not? The food look so good.


  6. Hi Gayle....I did the plate at least four, maybe more, years ago. I kept it as a reminder...and it does remind!

    Hi Linda....I think a lot of potter glaze straight out of the kiln. I cover mine now. The vinegar cuts any oils from hands that may be on the pot.

    Hi Michele....As I said before it's been around for a while. I may get daring and try a refire!

    Hi Elizabeth....We all need good sales. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Elna...I'd use it if the dots weren't exposed clay.....not so good for cleaning.

  7. Dearest Suzi,
    Such a pity for that beautifully painted plate... BUT you learned from it and know how to avoid it now.
    Your food looks great. Yep, Thanksgiving 2012 is already 'past'... Can you imagine how fast we go?!
    Hugs to you,

  8. That plate is still beautiful but I understand the problem. I guess it's yours now and you had some great food to cover up the beauty marks on the plate.

  9. I meant to say we leave POTS out for weeks before firing... I don't know where the "this" came from! :-)

  10. Hi Mariette....I fell liked I blinked last January and boom! Thanksgiving is over and we're into Christmas.

    Hi Lori...The pots with flaws do become ours...witness my many planters!

    Hi Michele...I got it. Sometimes we catch the should see the email I sent to my brother last week.

  11. oh MAN, pottery! sooooo many things that can go wrong!

  12. Hi Gary....Which is why I don't count on anything until i's out of the kiln in my hands. Another potter doesn't count on anything until it's in a customer's hands!

  13. good to have those reminders... had never thought to roast turnips on the barbie, do you boil them first?


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