Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've been sitting in the plant room since about 6:00 AM watching the sun come up while listening to Bach, Purcell and other baroque composers streaming on my favorite classical music station.  There was frost last night, not a lot but enough to put ice on the water buckets; the pond and pool are still ice free.  There is no wind and little sound beyond an occasional vehicle passing.

When I took Winter out at 6:30 I could see lights from my neighbor's house through the trees.  He has built on the property I used to own and live on.  When I lived back there and P. was in this house the lights through the bare winter trees were a connection between us.  It's nice to have that back.


I've had several clock works I've been unable to use because the posts are 7/8 of an inch, which is way to thick for the type of clock I generally make.  A couple of days ago, in bed half awake I was thinking (obsessing?) about how I could use them.  They really are more suited to wood, which I am not going to get into.  Then I thought that all I needed to do was make a way I put a block in the back, but I did not want any of the stuff showing.  Duh?  make a shallow casserole style form where I could put a block of the necessary thickness to have the correct length of post showing on front.  I decided to epoxy the blocks in rather than throw them in because I can adjust to each clock and will avoid any chance of cracking.  This also is opening other possibilities for clock forms.

I love it when these little creative bursts happen.  The sensation and the time it takes from start to finish feel like a zipper opening really quickly.  The trick is to get it down while I am still half asleep, before any other input hits me.

The Christmas cacti continue to bloom.  Below are three shades of orange ranging from a pale apricot to Clemintine orange.

My lavender passion flower has started booming.  I thought it was done in by deer last spring but it did survive the devastation.  Why they are called passion flower is beyond me.  Yes, I know the story of it representing the Passion of Christ.  Christians have gone through periods where they have plastered their philosophy on anything they could find a connection with, however tenuous.

Last a photo of The Friendly Friendly because she adores people....not so hot on the other cats and Winter.  She hung around Proge's studio for months.  He put a shelter and food out for her, but did not bring her in as he did not want to adopt someone's pet.  That changed one night in an ice storm.  He announced that she was now our cat.  She was by the door with ice in her fur and a clump of ice like a mace at the end of her tail.

She is also known at Queen Cat because of her crown marking and general attitude of superiority to all living things.

It looks like we are going to have a sunny day.  My studio will be warm without the heater.

Enjoy the day!

As always, thanks for stopping by................*s*


  1. Sounds like a lovely Sunday morning! I look forward to seeing the clocks. Beautiful Christmas cactus.

  2. I want a passion flower in my house! if only I could find a window for it, no enough strong light here. I know all about obsessing over trying to find solutions...

    Lorraine xx

  3. Dearest Suzi,
    Can't believe that some people abandon their felines and letting them fend for themselves. Good for you that you took her in; how grateful she will be!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Glad you got your inspiration working and the clocks sound great.
    The Christmas cactus is so lovely as is the sweet cat with the crown.

    Happy new week

  5. ahhh.... Bach! (did you ever watch M.A.S.H.?)
    My Christmas cactus thinks Christmas is in February, I have tried all the tricks, but it still blooms late.
    and Yes, I love those sleepless nights when inspiration pops in for a visit!

  6. Hi Gayle....Thanks for dropping by....toes crossed on the clocks.

    Hi Lorraine....I have one passion flower in a window; the other get light but also grow bulbs. Obsessions do lead into interesting places.

    Hi Mariette...All our pets are rescued.....It kills me that people just abandon them like trash.

    Hi Little Bear....Thanks, sometimes the magic works....

    Hi Tracey....Yes to M.A.S.H. Christmas cacti bloom when they want....I don't know why they are called Christmas cactus.....but zygocactus sounds so......botanical!

  7. Lovely flowers and what a cute cat. Have a great start to the week.


  8. oh yes, the sleepy ideas..gotta keep the paper at the bedside! looooooooooove queen cat!

  9. Brilliant. I'm excited to see how the clocks work out. Sometimes it takes a while for the solution to show itself, doesn't it.

  10. Hi Elna.....In some ways I think indoor winter flowers are even more important than summer blooms.

    Hi Gary....Sometimes the notes I make early morning are cryptic at best. Friendly is quite the queen!

    Hi Lori...Toes and fingers are crossed. I can have something simmering for ages and the POP!

  11. and my christmas cactus believes Christmas is early December at latest. will bloom soon! yeah for the sun's warmth too.

  12. Hi Amy....I have a Christmas cactus that blooms in early spring. It looks just like one that is blooming now....go figure!


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