Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time for Pink

Thanks for the many comments on Wordless Wednesday.  The clocks and other items are in the kiln....I'm waiting for it to cool enough to open it.

This is the hardest  part of firing for me.  I usually find something to do that will keep me busy and away from the kiln.  Today it will probably be a trip to the dentist as I lost a filling last night.  Of course  it feels like a hole the size of a large boulder is in my mouth.

I'm also cleaning my studio,  Even though I don't do sales from my studio I like to get it cleaned up and decorated for Christmas.  It's nice to start a new cycle in a clean studio.

Ladybug houses.....I had a posting about them from one of my gardening magazines.  The one shown was some sort of plastic.....I think I can do better!

Yes, these are more Christmas cacti. (I just realized that I don't have any real reds...hmmmm) The pinks bloom later than the oranges.  I have one big plant that is still setting buds.  It may actually bloom at Christmas!  WOW!  I may have a Christmas cactus that actually lives up to its name! 


Winter is coming!

We woke up to about an inch of very slushy snow yesterday morning.  Most of it melted during the day but there are still a few patches in shady spots.  Cold and sunny today......a good day to do some active yard work.

Have a productive/happy/lazy/day....whatever floats your boat.

As always,,,,,,thanks for stopping by...............*s*


  1. The cactus are really pretty and they seem to match Winter's sweeter. It seems like we all need some happy pinks this time of year.

  2. That sweater is sweet, hope all is well in the kiln, I make it a habit of not opening the kiln except at specified times no matter my curiosity. It is difficult though. Ha.

  3. What a beautiful pink Christmas cactus and the dog sweater is so nice.


  4. Winter is coming here too. Had the first tiny snowflakes today. Cheers, Lisbeth in Sweden.

  5. Hi Lori....I think bright flowers are such a gift in the cold, gray of winter.

    Hi Linda....I am keeping myself busy doing other things instead of peeking! I need to make the neck a little smaller on the sweater.

    Hi Elna....Thanks, I wonder if Winter would be pretty in pink?

    Hi Lisbeth.....I think of Sweden as much colder than here. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. mine are just about done- they were so pretty- love the clocks to be.

  7. haha, oh the dog sweater, NIIIICE....the wife and I, a few minutes ago, were laughing at dog sweaters the NYT was showing at Barney's.... 240 bucks for a beagle sweater....

  8. Dearest Suzi,
    You at least have a lovely Christmas Cactus. Enjoy it for the time it will last. Cute doggy with his sweater on!
    Hugs to you and stay cozy.

  9. Hi Meredith....The cacti are fleeting but so pretty they're worth it.

    Hi Gary...Maybe we should be making puppy jackets... $240.00?!?!

    Hi Mariette....I love the cacti many colors.

    Thank you everyone, for stopping by.


  10. Wonderful photos! Too bad you didn't have a chance to come up with something better than going to the dentist to distract yourself from your cooling kiln, but any port in a storm, I guess. And it is not pleasant to have a huge hole in your mouth--been there--my sympathies!

    Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. I so appreciate your visits.

  11. love your cacti and doggy jumper. Those brown leaves near your dog look like pin oak to me?
    We are sweltering in near 40deg Celcius on the other side of the world to you! Isn't it weird with the internet? talking about different seasons at the same time :^) let us know how the firing went..

  12. Hi Elizabeth...Thanks for the sympathy and the visits. I love what you are doing!

    Hi Anna....Did you see Gary's note about the dog jacket at Barney's?
    We have a forest of second growth red and white oaks but no real pin oaks. There are a few scarlet pin oaks around that turn bright red in the fall. What we do have are some strange hybrids.....I call them Lovecraft Trees.
    Keep talking about your's a vicarious pleasure for me!


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