Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter is Coming

The words gave her a chill, as they always did. The Stark words.  Every noble house had its words. Family mottoes, touchstones,  prayers of sorts, they boasted of honor and glory, promised loyalty and truth, swore faith and courage.   All but the Starks.  Winter is coming, said the Stark words.

                                                                                          A GAME OF THRONES 
                                                                                          copyright 1966 George R. R. Martin
It's 62 F under cloudy skies, but supposed to drop to the 40's by this afternoon and lo 30's tonight.  We have had a few frosts, enough to kill off the annuals, but nothing lasting.  We have a few things left to do.  Pull the pumps and filters from pool and pond, get leaves off the deck....little stuff that makes functioning easier in the snow.  Winter is coming.

I do not love winter.  It's fine until about Twelfth Night, because the turning of the year is about ice, cold and dark.  After that I'm ready for an early spring.

Every morning I tend to my plants.  At the moment they are all blooming nicely.

Below are two more Christmas cacti that are starting to bloom, followed by hibiscus, passion flower, and fuchsias.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.....I am making pots like crazy.  I don't have the stamina yet to spend more than four hours at a time in my studio, but I am learning to pace myself.  I surprise myself at how much I can get done knowing my time is limited.  If I take a break for a few hours, relax even have a siesta, I can go beck for another two hours.

Because this was a rather late sign-up and time was lost due to various storms, I am making my inventory  shallow and broad.  Better to have half a dozen of each than dozens of a very few pieces.  Besides its fun to vary what I am making.

This show goes on for a long time (too long in my opinion) so most potters keep working and restocking until the bitter end.


Keep on making stuff!

As always, thanks for stopping by..........*s*                                                                                      


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! A welcome sight in this very brown month.
    The best show we did this year opened at 10am and ended at 4pm... one day, in and out. No hanging around hoping someone will buy something.

  2. Thanks Suzi, for your answer to my question over on Gary's post. My cactus is blooming on one part, the other (possibly a different plant) in the same pot looks like it's dying. Go figure!

  3. Hi Michele....Thanks. I agree that short and sweet shows are best. We always used to run this one for four or five days and did more business than we do now.

  4. Hi Barbara....You're welcome. I've had more that one cactus go through that kind of die off. I usually cut off the dying part and make new plants by cutting the top one or two lobes and prop them around the rim of a pot full of fresh potting soil with the rooting end just laying on the soil. You may end up with lots of little which you can give to friends until they start hiding from you.!

  5. Hi Meredith....Me too. This one starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends Dec. 9......we don't have to be there, but still way too long for no more sales.

  6. Your flowers blooming are really beautiful and yes, lovely to have them before winter.

    Happy week

  7. Hi Carolyn...Thanks, flowers certainly make bright spots in the gray of winter.

  8. HI! Sorry I missed so many of your posts. I have been away from blogging most of the summer working on something exciting. I am back now :)

    Congrats on the one year aniversary.

    I like the plaid pattern on that plate you did!

    Lorraine xx

  9. Hi Lorraine....Thanks and Welcome Back!


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