Thursday, November 15, 2012

Words About Wednesday

This is the little girl in her dress.  She has bloomers which she is too modest to show.  Boma, my first mother-in-law made her for my big sister, Pru,   (I never quite gave up thinking of her has my big sister)  when   her first granddaughter was born.  Pru gave her to me when she permanently moved to Florida and was downsizing her stuff.  She's a treasure to me stuffed with memories of two neat ladies.  I don't think she ever had a name...perhaps I should take care of that.

Boma made wonderful stuffed animals for as long as I knew her.  The dolls came later, in the late seventies.  I have no idea where the patterns came from.  I do know that she tried many different ways of doing the hair.

Little girl is sitting on a king size elephant print spread that I bought at an India store on Haight St. ca.1997 when I was visiting Proge who was living in San Francisco at the time.


I threw and trimmed a half dozen spoon rests, which promptly S-cracked as they dried.  I have not had an S-crack in many, many years.  I think two things are to blame:  a.) I threw them off the hump and did not compress the bottoms enough,  b.) I dried them too quickly, put them on the shelf by the south window, did not stop consider how warm it gets even when its in the low 40's outside.

I was so annoyed with the whole thing that I tossed them in the slop bucket.  A photo would have been good for my own records if nothing else.  And I could have posted it here and, perhaps, gotten some feed back on the problem.  As I said this has not been a problem for me in the past......maybe the clay dragons are unhappy!

It's chilly and gray today with sun expected later.  I turned on the heater in the studio to take the chill off.  Cement floors are great for keeping cool in summer, but until the slab warms up a bit it's a little dank in fall and winter.

And to finish, a photo of the bed-buddies Winter and KikiLaSois.  Because, after all, what is life without cute puppies and kitties?

This post can be found on Mud Colony.  After missing the deadline last week I decided to do it now.  Take a look; there is always something going on there!

Enjoy the day.  As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOve the dog and cat, oh my! I must admit, I have never understood the appeal of throwing off the hump. S cracks and other flaws and accidents and problems seem to result. As I understand it, it was a technique best suited to potters 50-100 years or more agao, when you were using a kick wheel and this way you could do less stopping and starting. Meh. Just press the darn pedal now!

  2. Hi Gary.....Our four leggers certainly understand cute, don't they? I like to throw off the hump when I'm doing small pieces, spoon rests, whistle forms et al. I knew a guy who threw plates off the hump! My thought was WHY?

    I am making the oatmeal bread as I write this!

  3. The two fur cuties got a rise out of me. Wonderful story about the doll, stories make all the difference. Knowing people you loved created touched that doll.

    I just bought a humidifier as I could feel the sudden drop in humidity these last few weeks. I am hoping my skin will do better this winter.

    :-) No I didn't drop of the planet, I just kept putting off posting.

    Lorraine xx

  4. What a sweet little girl that doll is. I took a workshop with Malcolm Davis and he threw perfect tea bowls off the hump of very smooth porcelain and then proceeded to throw a perfect little teapot spout too. I think the window must have intensified the heat. what sweet animals you have cuddling there.

  5. Oh the India spread, I used to have many of those from my SF days but they are long gone, your's is wonderful.

  6. Thank you, I appreciate knowing the story.

    The pets are CUTE!

  7. Dearest Suzi,
    A doll with fond memories... Love your precious pets! If only PEOPLE would get along that well.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Hi Lorraine...Thanks. You tell the best stories about your creatures.
    Sometimes I feel like a cactus in winter.

    Hi Linda.....Malcolm Davies certainly can throw a mean pot off the hum!
    I have three india spreads, all of them at least ten years old. Where did they go? We used to trip over them in stores!

    Hi Lori...That was a rare moment of calm for those two.

    Hi Mariette....You are so right...if cats and dogs can get along, why can't we?

  9. Such cute little furry friends - I always love a peek at the pets behind the artist :)

    Also, commiserations on the spoon rests - so annoying to spend ages working on something and have it go all Pete Tong at the last minute!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  10. Hi Sarah....Thanks for coming by and following me. Pottery in very much a comme ci, comme ca business.

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  12. oh S cracks! I understand your pain!!! I bet the next ones are even better!

  13. I love that cute doll! it is a treasure!


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