Tuesday, February 5, 2013

At Least.....

The days are getting longer.  It's light out before 7:00AM  and yesterday evening I noticed I could see out the window with no outside lights after 5:00PM.  JOY!

I took these photos on Sunday morning pre-dawn when Winter decided she absolutely had to go out.
There was a cold mist in the air which made the pretty halo effect.  I had the lens fully extended to macro which makes it difficult to get a reasonably clear picture.  I generally use a tripod when using macro, but I just wasn't up for getting out a tripod at 5:00AM!

I am rolling slabs today.  Thus the moon shots, as  I think looking at a bunch of wet slabs has all the excitement of watching grass grow!

It's snowing in a half hearted way.....sugar dusting.  I'm not a fan of lots of snow, but enough to cover the bleakness of winter is nice.

This is the anniversary of the Blizzard of '78.  I remember we went to pick up Proge at his school just as it started and told the headmistress she should get kids home. (We were thanked profusely later)  Going was no problem it took us over an hour to get home...17 miles.  The snow was so deep we couldn't even get the 4 wheel drive truck out.  Proge's father and I ended up digging the half mile drive. .....most of it was two paths for the wheels to follow.  I think it took about three days.  It wasn't hard to dig as the snow was compacted enough to carve it in slabs. We were relatively young and healthy and there was nothing else to do.  We kept building snow forts along the way.  That is why people get so crazy around here when any amount of snow is predicted.  Gotta have milk and bread  and beer!

Stay warm and as always, thanks for stopping by...............*s*


  1. What beautiful photographs so calm looking.

  2. Love those moon shots! We got about 4 inches of snow on Saturday - beautiful - but it's been such a warm winter, it was gone the next day. My favorite kind of snow storm.
    That winter of '78 I lived in WV - the interstate was a tunnel - never seen so much snow in my life.

  3. My goodness you have a steady hand at 5 am. There would have been several moons if I'd tried it (and I have). I wasn't in snow in 78, but I did the one in 92 or was it 94? Big storm. Days without elec. Left the car by the side of the road in someone else's parking lot because that hill was just too much. Thanks!

  4. The Blizzard of '78, I remember it well. I was a junior in High School and I think we missed a week of school. It also meant the we had to forego our February vacation which is typically the last week of the month in NH.
    I read last year that we have actually had worse storms since then but snow removal technology is much better today, making it easier to get the roads back to normal.

  5. I was living in Myrtle Beach SC in 78, a senior in high school, even we had snow!
    Last night it was nearly 6:30 and I could see light in the sky, sooo looking forward to longer, warmer days.....

  6. Dearest Suzi,
    You sure got a steady hand. That's one thing that I miss since I got paralyzed in January of 2010. All went well but not at the level of before. Still I'm grateful for being able to move. What a snow story you share here. We had some heavy snow in The Netherlands once in a while and most snow we ever saw was when we worked for one week as consultants in North Dakota in January at -40°F. NEVER again... That hurts when breathing. We got stuck in a ditch, naturally, as we don't live there and didn't recognize the poles and things up above the snow...
    Stay cozy and be safe!

  7. yes, calm looking photos. And would love some snow here in NC. Am still waiting.....

  8. Hi Linda....Thanks.

    Hi Judy.....Thanks. That's my kind of snow too.

    Hi Barbara....Thanks, Those are the best of many double and more images.

    Hi Michele.....Most of New England got hit, and vacations were 'changed'

    Hi Tracey....I forget how far south the snow reached.

    Hi Mariette.....You've had some difficult health issues; I'm just happy for you that you are able to function. I think of the Netherlands as a place of snowy winters and frozen canals....myths of childhood. My sister spent a year in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan many, many years ago when her first husband was doing post-dortoral research. When they returned to R.I. nothing seemed cold to them.

    Hi Amy.....Snow in areas where drivers aren't used to it can be disastrous. I would be delighted to send you some....we're supposed to have more this week end.


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