Saturday, February 2, 2013

Half Your Wood

And half your hay
You should have left
On Candlemas Day.

Phil may be predicting an early spring in Pennsylvania, but here in New England Mr. Groundhog (or woodchuck) poked his head out, saw his shadow in bright sunlight and promptly retreated into his burrow.  Wise creature!  Although we have clear skies, it's about 22F outside.  I don't think there will be any wood chucking in the near future!

As for me I am baking some bread, doing a load of laundry and will probably watch some Downton Abbey later on.  We broke down and bought the dvd.  Actually I ordered it early and it arrived last wednesday.

 I've been making a lot of these test tiles.  I'm doing a stain version of ink and wash.  Switching drawing mediums always takes some adjustment.  But it keeps me on my toes to try different methods to get the results I want.  In the end it may not look that different from what I normally do; it depends on the clay body I use, how I glaze and so on.

Our local PBS station is reshowing I Claudius.  I watched it many years ago when it was first broadcast on Masterpiece Theater.  I am happily surprised at how well the production values have held up.  It is strange to see Derek Jacobi made up to be the age he is now.  I've renamed it Game of Thrones in Rome.

We ordered the dvd for it with a sale coupon from Barnes and Noble.  We generally buy dvds of things we know we will watch a lot.  I like the back-up stuff and some of the commentaries.  Some are better at it than others.  Yes, I admit to being a nerd......the day the first version of Fellowship of the Rings was released I hauled Proge out of bed and we bought a dvd player and the dvd as soon as Best Buy opened. His friends reacted by, "Hey, you talked your mom into buying a dvd player."  "No she made me get up so we could go get it."  He often tells me I act like I am six.


I call it my Groundhog Day present to me.  I love the way the teapot nestles right into the cup.  It's very stable on the shelf.  I didn't photograph the inside of the cup.  It has more polka dots; they look pretty through the black tea I drink.  The little heffalump (sorry, Gary, it looks like the heffalump in Winnie the Pooh, so it's officially The Heffalump Teapot!) makes me smile every time I look at it.

Stay warm or cool if you are in warmer climes and enjoy the weekend.

This will also be over at Mud Colony, which I am very happy to say is back in full flower.   Please take a look.

As always, thanks for stopping by...........*S*


  1. Ah ha...a Gary Rith single serve teapot and cup...good for you. Me too on being 6 and having unique DVD tastes. You should see what Netflix recommends for me!

  2. I saw that I can stream Downton Abbey now, I have been curious about it since it's getting lots of buzz.
    Last night I made your cuban bread... OMG it is delicious!!! We had it with homemade soup, we ate one whole loaf!
    Congrats on your Rith teapot purchase, you will enjoy it for many years.

  3. It's probably lucky I can't eat bread except gluten free otherwise I could eat a whole loaf of homemade too. Nice looking groundhog. it was in the twenties last night and now almost up to 70.

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    What a cute teapot you show us here! Last night we had a good freeze and tomorrow night again. Just walked (with our winter coats on)over our property. We both are disappointed that the daffodils barely show blooms this year... WHY? Probably because of the drought we have had for two years and still behind. It shows in nature. I was looking forward to work with lots of flowers but guess that will be next year... maybe?
    Hugs to you and stay cozy, watch your favorite movie and relax.

  5. hey, its ME thank you! gosh, your painting is soooo awesome on the tile, wow!

  6. yeah, Downton Abbey- it's wonderful and it has become my favorite rather quickly!

  7. Hi Barbara.....You're never to old to be a child.

    Hi Michele....Hope your are able to watch Downton Abbey from the first season.

    Hi Linda....Thanks; still cold up here.

    Hi Meredith....I couldn't resist the teapot.

    Hi Mariette...Drought can raise havoc with plants. We didn't have any mountain laurel last year. But you do have those gorgeous camelias!

    Hi Gary...Thanks, I managed to get a comment up on Etsy.

    Hi Amy....We're hooked!

  8. Test tile and tea pot are looking good. Gary's work is so much fun.


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