Friday, February 22, 2013

Hanging Out

I've been trying something different with this post.  Rather than writing the whole thing at once, I've been making notes here and saving them.  Before I post I will be doing some  editing....a lot of editing!

I've been thinking about 'hang-around' pots.  These are the ones that I finished but didn't sell or destroy.  Now I am asking myself "Why do I keep these?"  The three pourers/sauceboats were prototypes that I never carried though on.  They started out as bowls. I then slashed and altered for the spout and added to foot and rim.  I got the initial idea from an old Penland book on clay.  I don't want my work to be a copy but to be informed by what I have looked at.  I made a few notes, then returned the book to the library and started on my own.

The top one is glazed with Linda Arbuckle's majolica white.  I always go back to this one, so obviously it's a great favorite.  In it's raw state it's pleasant to work on.  Fired it feels good in the hand and against my lips.

The next one is Spectrum 251-Satin White.  I like the way it looks and feels but have mixed feelings about decorating on it.  Designs smear easily.

The third one is obviously has too many structural problem to survive another firing.  When I do an experimental series I like to leave one unglazed.  I like, but am not thrilled with the handles on the two below.  The pulled handle on the first one doesn't feel like it fits the altered state of the pot.

The little teapot I use as my gravitar is made much the same way.

Three, rarely five, is what I do for a so-called series.  If I do make more I generally decorate in groups of three.  Too much of a good thing makes me crazed.

How do you get rid of unwanted pots?  I have a special sledge hammer that I use for smashing them to bits.  I use it for the base of driveway fill.  There's one area to the side of the parking area that I want to fill in.  Eventually there will be enough pottery bits to make good drainage, then I'll bring in a load of fill to finish it off.

More weather is coming.  Supposedly it will be mostly rain here, but Hollis could get socked again.  If we do get snow it will be wet and heavy with the potential for tree limbs and wires coming what else is new?

I'm hoping the second season of Game of Thrones will arrive today. (Oh, is that why you have dragons on the brain, Suzi?)  Which leads me to Ocarina Dragons.  Which means research in Mud to Music,  getting out my recorder to look at the holes, and tuning my guitar.  All of which sounds far more technical than I really am.  I generally try to get a lot of info and then go by the seat of my pants.

This post is also over on Mud Colony, and (late addition) Artists in Blogland.  I hope everyone will hit the links and take a look at what is going on around the world of clay and arty stuff!

Enjoy the week end and stay dry!

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. In NH I had a shard pile, here in NC I smash pots and put them into our super large trash can that gets picked up on Friday morning. I really should do it more regularly. I have way too much junk hanging around.

  2. Sadly my rejects go the landfill, but using pots for drainage is a good idea. For my older work I no longer make I brought them out for my yard sale today; I sold a ton of pots; more than I have ever sold in one day and tomorrow we will still have the sale. One lady bought two boxes full. Many people who came have come before and were repeat pottery customers.

  3. I have a small retaining wall near the studio where I place the unwanted pots so the chipmunks and squirrels will play with them and (hopefully) leave my plants alone. So far it hasn't worked, they play with both.

  4. I get rid of pots lots of ways, I always try and make a use of them in the studio some how first though, lots of little pots are used in raw glaze material bags. Then some end up in landfill.

  5. just absolutely lovely work there indeed! From time to time I fling a pot out into the neighbor's woods, really! Creating my own archaeological dig...

  6. Hi Michele...It sure is easy for the junk to pile up.

    Hi Linda...I sell older pots, or donate them to may old pottery co-op so they can sell them.

    Hi Lori....Good luck with that!

    Hi Amy.....I keep unglazed stuff for tests; It's the stuff that is fit for nothing I smash.

    Hi Gary....I like the archaeological dig.

  7. Dearest Suzi,
    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    We were out of town and than I hosted a dinner for 8, now water in the basement again... Always something!
    BUT I did change my settings for my blog so not anybody can comment and low and behold; no more spam comments since than.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Hi Mariette.....blocking anonymous posting solves a lot of problems, doesn't it.

    Toes crossed that the basement water isn't a big problem.


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