Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Stuff

I've been sorting more boxes and found these two whistles.....I call them whistle weights because they are great for keeping papers from sliding off my desk.

I have no idea what they are glazed with...it's ^05/04;  I'm sure of that but that's about all.  I decided to use the flamingo and manatee images.  Lately I have been trying for more of a watercolor wash effect.  We'll see, Grasshopper.....we'll see.  The blue and green scarf thing was done years ago.

I guess more rain is one the way. Family in New Hampshire is expecting a lot more snow.  Which is good for them as it keeps the ski resorts going etc.  The dog sled races in Laconia have been postponed to the first week end in March, due to weather.  No, I am not going.  Deliberately going to a colder and snowier place is not my cup of tea.

As always, thanks for stopping by.....*s*


  1. These pieces are lovely. Your (current) work would look great with a watercolor-ish surface treatment. Isn't it fun to re-visit old work.

    We've had so much rain & wind and gray days this winter.

    Stay warm.

  2. We had heavy rains today. Our yard is a muddy mess.
    I am with you on staying away from the snowy north!

    Looks like you have been painting the manatees on your pottery for sometime now and here I thought they were new for you. Do you watercolor paint on paper as well? Your paintings are so well done, that I imagine you do.

  3. The softness is beautiful! And the shape. Beats the rock I have on my desk to hold papers down :)

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has "stuff" in boxes. Ha. hope your firing goes well.

  5. Hi Judy.....Thanks. Rain here too.

    Hi Michere....I did a few manatees twenty years ago in a very different style. I generally only work on paper when I designing images.

    Hi Sandy....Thanks. It seems in our supposed non-paper world we are generating more paper than ever.

    Hi Linda....Oh those boxes. I think they multiply when we aren't looking!

  6. OOPS! I'm sorry I misspelled your name, Michele!

  7. I love how these are decorated. So gentle and soft.


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