Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday



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    1. Hi Michele...Very real and noisy....especially at night!

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    That looks very healthy and happy! Beautiful photos.
    We're still fighting our Flash Flood Watch by keeping at work day and night. Since Sunday we've done that now... mopping up water that leaks into the basement and running two wet vacs. NO FUN! The soil is so saturated now that the groundwater comes up to the top... and into the homes.

    1. Hi Mariette....Thanks; summer isn't summer without frogs!
      I don't envy you your weather....rain is good, but enough is enough! I hope you have not had water damage in your lovely Rose Suite. Water comes up so quickly and seems to take forever to dry out.
      You are admirable to keep posting photos and updates of your house and gardens, especially those gorgeous hibiscus.
      Toes crossed for sunny days.

    2. Hi Gary....Handsome and self-satisfied!

  3. He looks big. What kind of sound does he make? Japanese green frogs make high pitced pretty sound, a bit like little birds. English brown ones have deep, not-so-cute sound, a bit like burping!! : D

  4. Hi Midori...They are actually two frogs. The top photo frog is fairly small; I think he's about a year old. The bottom guy, Fatty Bolger, is BIG! and at least four years old. He appeared when the pond was still a lined hole in the ground. These guys have deep classic frog croaks, probably a lot like their English cousins, but we have many different types of frogs, including little green tree frogs which sound like very loud katydids or crickets.

  5. I love the photos. Have a nice weekend.


  6. Hi Elna....Thanks. Enjoy a kitty weekend!


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