Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And So It Goes.....

I actually remembered to take a few pictures while I was working on the ewer/pitcher!

The first one shows the tree in a light brown with dark brown to highlight.

 The next one shows the dark brown smudged into the light brown.  This is just the first step.  I keep adding and blurring until I have what I want.  One of the things I like about working this way is that what your see is what you get.  Some of the stains are not as strong, but once I learned how to compensate, I was fine.  Pinks and blues in particular can be a lot stronger than anyone would expect.

The preying mantis moulted.  From what I have read they like to do this upside down. The mantis in back is the empty husk.  She is now happily on another leaf of the dahlia, eating bugs.  We have started to think of her as a pet.

I have had one lonely morning glory bloom.  There are more buds, so, toes crossed, there will be many more.

My hibiscus has gone mad with blooms.  The pink and apricot become florescent at dawn and dusk.

 And last is the Angels Trumpet.  I just love the name and the variety of blooms.  I have finally found that these are datura as the flowers are upright.  Brugmansia has pendulous flowers.  I just wish I had the space to winter them over.

It's still humid with showers on the way.  There was a flash flood in Cranston yesterday and an apartment building had to be evacuated.  We are supposed to have lower humidity and real sun tomorrow.

Frederick Pohl, the last of the "inventors" of science fiction died at ninety-three. This was a man of many talents.  The Space Merchants still resonates.  Neil Gaiman has a remembrance of him on his blog.

Just heard that RI beach attendance was down this summer due to the weather.  Waddaya know people don't enjoy the sea shore in the rain and fog!

Kiln loading and so on today....enjoy yours.

As always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. We actually have some sun after a brief blustery rain storm this morning, love seeing your flowers they are so bright and cheery.

    1. Hi Linda....We haven't had sun in days....sheets of rain today. Supposedly we will begin to dry out tomorrow.

  2. Great pets- feed themselves and take them selves for walks.... I just found one in a spider, the spider won.

    Nice work going on there.

    1. Hi Meredith.....It's nice to have one pet that takes care of itself!

  3. Glad you take the time to show some of your steps toward gorgeous painted pottery.

    1. Hi Barb.....I'm trying to record more of my steps. Most of the time I forget.

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    Love the way your work is coming along, that provides joy for creating!
    Your praying mantis having molted is very special; he/she IS your pet. We call them our garden critters.
    Your flowers look all so happy and healthy.
    Love to you,

    1. Hi Mariette...Thanks; I don't count on it until it's out of the kiln.
      I never expected the mantis to stay around the way she has.
      Lots more rain today!


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