Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UHHH.....What day is it?

I lost track of the time....rather days.  I spent most of Sunday thinking it was Saturday.  It wasn't until  I was dropping pots off for our sale that I realized, or rather was informed, that it was Sunday.

That's what happens when you get busy as the proverbial bee.  

I did a firing (one of the best I've ever had) which included the prototypes I've been working on, because I always have to complicate busy times by working on something new....it makes life fun.

I'm very pleased with the cupcake stand.  I just have to figure out a better way to attach the legs.  I think  they need to be exactly the same moisture and pliability.

Speaking of feet I do hope that everyone will pop over to Gary's Blog and take a look at his take on feet!

Suddenly I am having problems uploading photos.  This is a new one for me....I'm not sure what is going on, but it's difficult to talk about things that can't be seen.

Fifth time is the charm....finally got it to post.

I made this mug around a balloon.  I was working with wet clay and wanted to get an idea into reality.  It needs a couple of points opposite the handle for balance and stability, and the rim needs to be nicer.

With this I think I may have a solution to using a clear glaze over terra cotta.  Generally I don't like them as they always cloud somewhere on the pot.  This time I added a small amount of Mason 6131 Titanium to Spectrum Clear 700.  Commercial glazes work on terra cotta greenware, but I will be experimenting with my studio glazes.  That ought to keep me busy in the dark of winter.

We are having a gray day which will turn to rain later today and most of tomorrow.  It's going to be lots of snow further north.  I hope everyone will stay safe and think twice about traveling in bad weather.

We are doing two feasts this year.  On The Day we are having dinner with friends next door.  This is a gift, as the sale opens on Friday at 10:00 AM.  I am working that day as we have had trouble getting people to work.  I still question the wisdom of opening on Friday.  I think we could open Saturday and use Small Business Saturday to our advantage......Friday evening could be a special grand opening.

It's time to go meet the day and go out into the world....which means going to the market.  We are doing most of our shopping at a locally owned store.  (three stores does make a chain) I did some careful comparisons and if I buy staples such as animal food and such from the big markets (Walmart is not the cheapest place around!) I don't spend more than a dollar over shopping at Stop & Shop ......aaaaannnnnnd....I don't feel like I need roller skates to get around the place!

Stay warm dry and safe to enjoy a most Happy Thanksgiving!

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. Your cupcake stand is so fun! He looks like he is about to runaway. We will have two holiday meals... a potluck sort of dinner on "the day" with Jeff's family, and I will cook a traditional (for me in NE) meal on Saturday. I hope your sale goes great, Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Michele.....Thanks. Are you driving up north for the week end or doing a traditional dinner at home? The weather is supposed to go from bad to worse; I know you will take care if traveling.

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    1. Hi Linda....Thanks. I hope you will have a studio soon.

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    1. Hi Corinne...Thanks; I'm enjoying refining it.

  4. Your cupcake stand is splendid! Really I love it! The design, the colors, the idea - all awesome! Congratulations! Christa

    1. Hi Christa.....Thanks. I'm in the process of refining and making more.

  5. Dearest Suzi,
    Love your cute cupcake stand just the way it is!
    Also that mug created around a balloon looks very special to me.
    We have had a miserable dark and wet day and now it is 71.6°F at 9:30 PM... We did go to Atlanta for stocking up at Costco etc. after 7 weeks. Glad we drove on Sunday and spent the night in Atlanta and got back around 3:00 PM yesterday while the weather was perfect. It makes all the difference in driving and most of all for driving safely.
    Hope you manage to do all your things you like to do for Friday!

    1. Hi Mariette.......Thanks. I'm making more stands now; the cups are an After-Twelfth-Night project. We did all our shopping yesterday....which is good as we are having rain and wind today.
      Enjoy the week end.

  6. Hi Suzi,

    Love the cake stand - would be great for an Alice in Wonderland tea-party.
    Making the mug around the balloon is a great idea - love this.
    Good luck with getting everything done for Friday and hope the sale goes well.
    Happy thanksgiving

    1. Hi Caroline....I want that Alice feeling; nice that you picked up on it.
      Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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