Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catching Up?

I use the phrase catching up advisedly.  When are any of us truly caught up with stuff?  Ideas breed ideas, so always feeling a little behind may be a good thing!

I have been glazing and painting stuff like crazy, and also making things. This is the joy and benefit of doing bisque and glaze at the same temperature.

I made this pig around a balloon last week as an experiment.  Taking a little time for a new idea helps keep me going during busy times.  I wanted her to have a sort of patched together structure, which worked quite well.  Unfortunately, there was a minor but time consuming emergency elsewhere.  Poor Pig was left out for too long and split over the balloon.  Most of the time my balloons lose air relatively quickly; however, not this time!  See what happens when you go for the quality product?

I managed to get these photos, mostly for my own records.  This looks like a neat thing to explore when I have more time.  Meanwhile Poor Pig went to the slop bucket!

Oh and yes, she does have three legs.  Three legs are so much easier to stabilize than four.  Three legs add to the general goofiness I am aiming for! 

I picked my last dahlia a week ago today.  There were some buds I could have brought in for forcing, but didn't.  This is a smaller version of what were some huge flowers earlier during warmer weather.  Today all the toes are coming up and will be stored in peat over the winter.

The lack of rain was hard on a lot of plants this summer.  As soon as we started getting regular showers and the weather cooled just a bit the flowers went crazy....good crazy!

 Aloysius and KikiLaSois are back in their favorite box by the stove so I guess cold weather is here to stay for a while.  We have offered some very comfy kitty beds, but the box with packing bubble sheets is the preferred resting spot.  Winter uses the other bed quite happily!

I have been patching my 4RUNNER with fiberglass to get it through inspection.  It's not difficult but I am not fond of fiberglass and resin and bondo.  For the last bits I am going to rig a small drying tent with a tarp and a heat lamp.  I really should have started earlier, but it was far more fun to lie around the pool all summer!

It looks like we will be enjoying a sunny but chilly day today.  Toes crossed that everyone is enjoying weather to their liking!

As always, thanks for stopping by.........*s*


  1. It is in the 20's here in NC, definitely not to my liking!
    So sad about the pig, he would have been awesome. I was gifted with a tine three legged pig last year, it's the sweetest thing.

    1. Hi Michele.....20's?! Are you kidding?
      My inspiration comes from a little terra cotta 3-legged mexican pig that was given to me many years ago.

  2. oh that's terrible about the pig, I wish Barney and Butter would cuddle like your two cats; I was wondering how you get the air out of the balloons without popping them and breaking the piece apart. still have yet to try this and now I don't know where my balloons are

    1. Hi Linda....Poor Pig will rise again! I'm trying to remember the name of the stuff we used years ago when our dominant male died and our three (altered) males were duking it out. It really calmed the arena! Aloysius and Kiki are known as the dumpster duo because they were both rescued from dumpsters. They came to us about a year apart but took to each other like long lost sibs! Go figure!
      I bought new balloons. All the (cheap) old ones were stuck together!
      I'm really enjoying the results from your new kiln!

  3. Dearest Suzi,
    Loved the story with your balloon pig; looks very cute and how you come up with such an idea?! Hope it will work out next time around.
    Guess for being kind of behind is in fact a blessing. We never get bored that's for sure and when time passes fast it is a good sign.
    Sending you hugs and hope you stay warm. Tuesday night we will have very cold weather with only 20°F and tonight 35°F. One wonders how strong that Arctic wind blowing all the way down from Canada actually is!
    Your Dahlias have done their fare share, regardless the drought.

    1. Hi Mariette....I'm not sure where my ideas come from. Dreams, books, music, out of the air? I don't question too much, just try to do. (A potter friend made a series of amazing pots inspired by her shower curtain!)
      I never thought of playing catch up as a blessing, but you are right; it keeps the boredom away!
      Your weather is matching ours. Toes crossed that this is not an omen of the winter to come!
      Enjoy the day.

  4. piggy has potential :) MY GOODNESS I love your kitties!

    1. Hi Gary....Poor Pig will become Potential Pig! The kitties are snuggle bunnies, except when they want food!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Cheri....Thanks. Now to make some that survive the process!

  6. Love the pig. I bet the three leg thing is easier, how to get those four pesky legs level. Cute kitties. xox

    1. Hi Corrine....Thanks; three legs are always easier to stabilize thank four. The kitties think a box is is a fine bed.

  7. Catching up? Is that possible this time of year?
    The pig is sweet, I hope you make one that you like.

    1. Hi Lori....I don't think it's possible to ever really catch up. But we do continue to pursue the dream. I thinking of pigs, fish and bird banks for the next year!

  8. Catching up is something I have been dreaming of for a long while now. It's endless out here on the North Forty but winter time gives me moments of down time that my ole body needs more often than not lately.
    What a super nice surprise finding you on my site this morning. Old friends are the best and I have missed you.
    It was fun coming by here and reading a lot of your older post to catch up with you.
    Your my kind of girl. I miss doing things like this you are doing with the pig. I love love art like this. The three legs make it. Great idea.
    Hope the next one is more to what your creative juices are after.
    I am so glad I have a new computer so I can visit you again and again. lol
    Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Hi Maggie....Welcome back! I have come to the conclusion that catching up is a longed for but unachievable goal, mostly because expectations change as the goals get nearer! However, being caught up on bills and yard work is a good thing. Do ever finish mowing and maintenance?
    I'm enjoying making stuff more than ever. Toes crossed for pig and maybe fish and birds too!
    Enjoy the day!


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