Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cats and Leaks and....

It's always sumthin'!

Remember my fat little mug that I showed in my last post?  I made it around a balloon so it was round and, well, balloonish!

Now it looks like this!  One thing I did not consider with this form was how attractive round things are to kitties.  "OOOOOHHHH, round and clinky!  Must be a toy for us!"

It was a prototype; I'm happy it wasn't part of a set.  I will have to rethink this a bit, and keep my mugs, (uhhhh cat toys?) out of reach of exploring paws!

On a more serious note, The cold water in the upstairs bathroom sink started up a nice little leak.  Noticed it when I got up in the early morning, half asleep I put a basin in the sink, and went back to bed.  Later when I went down to my studio I found a puddle of water on the shelf and this.  I finally figured out that it was spoon with slip on it!  Most everything else was on bisque pads.  One clock rim was slightly damaged, but I managed to sand it down an eighth of an inch and it looks fine.

It looks like we may have to replace some pipes or flexible connections.  Even though we are warm in the house, this is not a job we want to tackle in January.  We turned the water off at the connection, so for now there is no cold water in the bathroom sink.  You just have to wash hands quickly before the hot water gets too hot!

We are enjoying a sunny above freezing day!  It's a treat after several days of rain and gloom!

Enjoy the day, whether you are in cold or warm climes!

As always, thanks for stopping by........*s*


  1. Dearest Suzi,
    Oh my, too many things at once and the cat toy for sure got a sad ending... Loved it when it was still in one piece; glad you posted about it so you got photos.
    The leak is another surprise and definitely not one for January; you decided smart for letting it be for now.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

    1. Hi Mariette.....I try to photograph stuff fairly soon after it comes out of the kiln. Otherwise, I'm all too apt to forget!
      I think of plumbing leaks as minor problems; we can fix them ourselves.
      Enjoy the week end!

  2. Plumbing issues are one of the worse to deal with! I guess in winter it's better to be without the cold water in the bathroom.

    1. Hi Michele.... I would much rather deal with plumbing that electricity problems! At least we can deal with most of them ourselves! We don't mess with electricity!

  3. Oh, no, sorry about your mug but happy it wasn’t worse.

    It always seems like something is in need of fixing when you own a home.

    1. Hi Lori.....As I said it was a prototype so no great loss.
      Continual upkeep comes with ownership!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Gary...Nice, succinct summing up!

  5. with home ownership it's always something isn't it, that poor little mug, darn it was a keeper

    1. Hi Linda....Home ownership = upkeep, no doubt there! It was a sweet mug, wasn't it? There will be more!

  6. Sad that the cat had big feet (we have a cat here with feet that are good at demolition too!). The broken mug is actually quite a credit to your potting skills, as shown by the lovely even wall thickness throughout with no chunky thick areas!
    Agggggh, plumbing.... leaks, Agggggggh!
    Poor you! I hope things improve soon.

  7. Hi Peter....Breakage goes with the territory if you have cats. Thanks, the cup was handbuilt. I find that thick areas along seams and such are harder to avoid that when throwing!
    The plumbing leak is manageable; if it were in the shower I would be tearing my hair out!
    Blizzard is on it's way....20-30 inches expected with winds! Toes crossed that it all changes quickly to rain! (HAH! Dream on!)
    BTW I think Nigellastopit is the best name for a potter's cat ever!


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