Friday, March 17, 2017

Now and Then

Five years ago today we drove to Connecticut and brought Winter home.  She weighed all of eleven pounds.  Since then she has grown up to be a big girl of twenty-eight pounds.

I usually take a picture of her sitting in the daffodils.  This year the is still ice covering the garden with green spears sticking up.  Winter was having no part of sitting on ice for a portrait.  So we compromised and settled on her couch with blanket.  She is rather suspicious about this whole photography thing.

Although the daffodils are not anywhere near flowering, the petunias I wintered over indoors have begun to bloom in profusion.  Spring flowers are spring flowers wherever they bllom!

I made a loaf of my favorite Soda Bread in honor of the day.  This is a plain loaf which is very nice with butter and lemon marmalade, and a cup of tea.

I finally remembered to stop in a Michaels to buy some foam sheets.  I'll be making more templates this weekend.

I go to Michaels because it's convenient, but I like A.C.Moore much better.  Not so much better tha I am willing to drive an extra fifteen miles to go there.

Toes crossed that it really will warm up a bit this weekend!

As always, thanks for stopping by....*s*


  1. sweet looking dog... my nephew has a similar one but his has a little tan colouring as well as the white. Our autumn is rather wet. Hope your spring arrives in full soon.

    1. Hi Anna.....Thanks. Winter has funny tan spots and one big sot on her back.
      Things are melting, so there is hope for spring.

  2. Bless her heart, she has chubbed up a bit hasn't she. She is such a pretty girl. How have I made it this long and have never heard of lemon marmalade? Sounds like something I'd like. Heading straight for Google. Thanks.

    1. Hi Patti....We had no idea how big Winter would get when we got her. She's half Corgi and half something else.
      There are recipes for various citrus Mara ladies. I used to make my own. I since found that Trappist makes one that is pretty tasty.

    2. And thanks, spell check, for the interesting spelling of marmalade

  3. She's so sweet looking. Does she bark? That's the one problem I have with small dogs. Lemon Marmalade is something I shall have to look for, sounds yummy! Sorry you're still iced in. Our spring flowers have all finished what with last week's final winter blow.

  4. Hi Barb.....Winter is a sweetie, but very shy! She only barks when there are squirrels on the deck, or deer trying to come into the yard.
    Spring is trying hard! I have one daffodil that is almost blooming!

  5. Dearest Suzi,
    Your girl Winter has really grown big and I love her photos.
    We have so much frost damage from last week's unexpected frost and all our azaleas turned brown and the leaves of the two Japanese Magnolia trees and the two young pomegranate trees are brown as well. So sad and we don't know if they will survive...
    Life goes on!
    Sending you hugs,

    We biked to Wal Mart together to pick up our prescription drugs and it was high 80s! Wearing short sleeved t-shirt and skort again...

  6. Hi Marietta.....I think one of the saddest sights of spring is frost bitten flowers. You azaleas may have to undergo some heavy pruning, but they will most likely survive.
    80 F! We are still waiting for spring!


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