Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birds of a Feather

 Birds of a feather
Flock together,
As do pigs and swine.
Rats and mice
Will have their choice,
So shall I have mine.

Multi tasking is not a good idea in my case.  I just managed to erase the best part of this posting.  Live and learn!

I'm posting this little bird whistle as near life size to give an idea of detail.  The color is good.  I'm still working on taking decent photos.  I have to find a new photographer for portfolio work.  (My old guy died.)  The hardest part is reflection......practice will make perfect.....I hope.

Small Bird Whistle  about 4"x2 1/2"

I'm really pleased with how the glazed stuff came through this firing.  I have finally managed to find a wax resist I like...batik wax thinned to brushing consistency with odorless turpentine.  By the time I finish most of the object is waxed....colors smearing is always a problem.

I used to make filled breads all the time then somehow I got out of the habit.  I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to use up......sausage, spinach, an onion, mushrooms, a couple of potatoes.  It was delicious!

It's supposed to get cold tonight.  So far December has been more like late September.  There are violets blooming around the fish pond.  We've had a few little fires since Thanksgiving, more for the comfort than anything else.  At this rate we should have a nice head start on next year.  However, with New England weather it's a bad idea to count your chickens before they're hatched.  It could get cold and snowy and stay that way into spring.

We're starting to get the Christmas stuff out and up.  I don't like to start too early because I enjoy celebrating from the Solstice through Twelfth Night.  Having no sectarian beliefs I enjoy celebrating a Season of Peace and Light.  Especially light, it gets dark a little after 4:00 PM.

As always thank you for stopping by.............s-


  1. OH those are so lovely. It must take a lot of patience to get those colors just so. The background color looks a little yellow. Do you have a photo cube? Even if you don't you can take photos outside on a north facing wall and no direct sunlight and get some pretty good photos and I've used matt construction paper or a flexible foam with fairly good results. Here is a link to how I took photos of some barrel fired pendants at my last home


  2. adorrrrrrrrrable work, mmmmmmm, awesome! and what is this filled bread thing, how do you do it? I can make bread easily enough, but then you just toss stuff in there? why not :)

  3. Hi Linda....You have to be slightly obsessive to do this! Thanks for the input. I'm going to have to work inside for a while as we are having more rain and then cold. I think I need to look at my lighting. Background is a problem with majolica. Too much gray tends to lose the warmth inherent in terra cotta work. I like the idea of using construction paper....a cheap way to experiment.

    Hi Gary....A million thanks. The bread thing is easier than it sounds. I think I'll do a post about it.


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