Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bringing Home the Tree

We had to buy a new tree this year.  Our old rooted tree suffered a lot of winter kill last year after we put it out on the deck.  It will survive nicely and recover its shape with a few years of being in the ground.  Meanwhile, this year we have a rooted spruce.  We really brought it home in the back of the 4-runner Red Rabbit), but, really, I think it looks more festive to have a tree on top of the vehicle. 

 The car is a little whistle.  I think if I do them in paper clay I might be able to make them light enough to hang as an ornament.  This is planning in terms of next year.  This year the joy has been to be able to return to working with clay and all it entails.

Red Rabbit Hauling a Tree.
Joys of the season.  Thanks for stopping by...........-s-


  1. Beep-Beep- love that car and tree -it is so festive!
    merry Christmas.

  2. I just noticed your avatar, so cool. Have a happy holiday, I am planning valentines pottery today. Ha.

  3. haahahahaa! you are so funny, your work so cute :) I saw a tiny little convertible the other day with a huge tree on top, hilarious!

  4. Hi Meredith....thanks, tis the season!

    Hi Linda...the big Santa is the prototype for a Santa project I did with my clients' class a few years ago. The other two are whistles. Valentines...you are ahead of the game!

    Hi Gary...It's amazing what you can fit into a little car. I used to drive a VW bug with two full grown Irish Wolfhounds in the back seat.


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