Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Dragon

May the Christmas Dragon bring you all that you have wished for.

Peace and Joy on this Merriest of Days.

thank you for stopping by...........smartcat and friends and relations.


  1. I never knew there was an xmas dragon, of course dragons are so cool, have good one.

  2. 2012--just sounds like the right place to go.
    Best for the new year.

  3. Hi Gary.....dragons have a very special place in our mythology.

    Hi Linda....according to Edith Nesbit (20th century children's books) a tame dragon becomes...a cat!

    Hi Meredith...Thanks and Happy New Year to you!

  4. So that is what that was. He did and I hope he did you too.

  5. Hi Amy, thanks for coming by....a Happy New Year!

    Hi it wasn't reindeer paws but the Christmas Dragon. Peace and joy in the New Year.


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