Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kitty Creamers & Wildlife

Sunday morning, looking out on the deck, watching the squirrels gobble up the bird seed.  This is what happens when there is no dog around.  I have nothing against wildlife; there is a cuteness factor I'll admit to.  I would just like the squirrels in particular to stay away from the house.  They can be amazingly destructive.  I think I'm going to give in and buy some goat food to feed them away from the house.  It has worked before!.......we'll see. grasshopper.....we'll see.

Still and all it's a sunny, if cold, day and I am listening to Baroque in Boston.  I look out into the woods and see chipmunks n the stone wall.  Mama doe with her two babies are behind the wall.

Kitty Creamers
 I seem to tell stories even when I am not thinking about them.  I made these for my guys as an experiment to see if I could make a two tablespoon mark for their morning milk.  I put two tablespoons rice in them and marked it with a pencil. I can get the proportions right because I know this clay body.  It's easier to after a bisque because there is no shrinkage between bisque and glaze.  Then I painted the ring freehand with black stain. The kitty designs were an afterthought to see how the line would work as a framing device.  I once fired these using Spectrum Majolica White.  I have some luck with once firing with commercial glazes, as long as I am only glazing one surface.  Normally I use a glaze I got from Linda Arbuckle.  It has a richness that isn't found in even the best commercial glazes.   

The Dumpster Duo....Aloysius & Kiki LaSois
These are two of the three little culprits that live with us.  I call them the dumpster duo because, even though we got them six months apart they were both living in dumpsters when they were rescued.  Aloysius was the last one to come in.  He and Kiki bonded within a few weeks, something I have never seen in adult cats.  They have become a lot needier since BreezytheDog died.

Here is one of the little bandits....cute, huh?  Aloysius wants to go 'play' with them.

We're going to finish stacking wood today.  As long as it's not wet it's nice to get outside for a few hours even in cold weather.

Thank you for stopping by.  Happy Sunday...........-s-


  1. OH how sweet you rescued two cats from dumpsters, they are so sweet together. If my cats were outside cats now they'd catch that squirrel in a second, two of them used to work as a team and could catch anything. I don't feed my cats milk, maybe I should give them a little. I've been thinking of making a footed cat food bowl with ridged in the bottom of the bowl for the wet food because they are always trying to lick it up and it gets pushed out of the bowl, still thinking about the design, love your cat drawings.

  2. we have been having major squirrel problems since the last cat past away- time for kitties- our boys were rescue as well- love the bowls!

  3. I LOVE your cats and love your cat bowls indeed!

  4. Hi Linda....We actually have three cats, but Friendly found us. I no longer let my guys go outside...too many bad things out in the woods. A word of caution about giving milk to cats. I only give them evaporated milk. There is something in the canning process that makes it digestible, where regular milk gives them tummy problems. I experiment with shapes for kitty dishes.....some work better than others.

    Hi Meredith....we need animals to keep the animals away!

    Hi Gary.....thanks....I have many kitty stories and photos.!

  5. we are a cat family too, although we have only one right now. your dumpster kitty story reminded me that my daughter's oldest cat is named Crisco because they rescued him from the grease dumpster behind a pizza shop. they had to give him multiple baths with dawn dish detergent to degrease him!

  6. Hi Michelle.....Crisco! What a great (appropriate) name!

  7. thanks for the tip on milk I guess that's why I didn't give them milk as I had heard something but couldn't remember what it was.


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