Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm feeling slightly more disorganized than usual this morning.  Early morning is usually studio time for me; instead I took my car in to have the muffler replaced.  Hopefully that's all it is.  I wanted to wait until January to take it in, but it had gotten so loud that I was embarrassed to drive it.  And, believe me when I say it, that is LOUD!

The Friendly Kitty

This is The Friendly Kitty the third feline member of our gang.  Unlike the Dumpster Duo she found us.  She hung out around Proge's studio door for months.  He would feed her kibble and set up a shelter outside.  We weren't sure that she wasn't a stray.  We put up pictures and a note in the lost and found pets column of local papers.....nothing.  One cold sleety, snowy night Proge found her outside the door and decided that she was now our cat.  She had ice in her fur and a lump of ice the size of a lemon in the end of her tail.  Proge started calling her The Friendly Kitty because she was so affectionate.  Later, when she started coming upstairs we discovered that the friendliness was reserved for the humans and dog.....other cats, not so much.  She has become more tolerant over time and at times will curl up with Kiki.  We refer to her as QueenCat as she is  has a crown between her ears and has a real princess attitude! 

Aloysius & Kiki contemplating Squirrel Nutkin and Friends

Aloysius and Kiki will sit by the door for hours contemplating squirrel dinner.  The will leak out the door given any opportunity. Then we have to run around and catch them.  There is too much danger for pets to be loose in the woods.  Coyotes, fisher cats (which have no relation to cats) you name it; we have it.

Not much to do with clay today.  I'm headed down to the studio to mix up a glaze so I can think about painting.

Happy day.........thanks for stopping by..........-s-

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  1. Oh, sweet adorable kitties :) I resolve in 2012 to make more cat pots, yes I do!


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