Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I just was nominated for/won the


Many, many thanks to Cat at Cat's Ceramics.   Click on the link to see all the neat stuff she does, especially her glazes. 

 This is one of the things I am enjoying about blogging.  There are connections made around the world.  Cat is in Sussex, England; I am in southern Rhode Island, USA....and am becoming part of a whole new (to me) world of potters and their work.

There are THREE THINGS I am supposed to do.

ONE:  Thank the award giver and link back to them.


TWO:  Nominate/award newly discovered bloggers.  I see others nominating anywhere from five to     fifteen.  Since I have only been doing this since September all blogs are new to me.  Here are five of my favorites.  My decisions were based on drawing names   I do have to leave some blogs for others.

Dan Finnegan: danfinneganpottery....wood-fired and salt glazed stoneware

Tracey Broome: The Fifth Floor......a journal in barns and buildings incorporating dolls and other found objects.

Cooking With Gas: Cooking With Gas.....pottery and life in Seagrove, N.C.

Linda Starr:  Bue Starr Gallery....pinch and slab built shrines, buildings and pots

Lorraine Young:Lorraine Young Potter.....terra cotta animals and people with their own stories

THREE:  seven things few or nobody knows about you

Here Goes!

1. My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was seven.

2.  I started sewing when I was eleven and began designing when I was fifteen.

3. I was an acting major my first round of college.

4. I have been an obsessive nerd over Lord of the Rings  (book and now movie) since 1966.

5. I love keeping up with the Volvo Ocean Race, but am terrified of blue water sailing

6.  The first time I did pottery was in 1966.  I did it for about three months, moved and always thought of it as a jog in my life until twenty years later, when I wondered why I ever stopped.

7.  I still have the very first pot I ever made.

There you have it....again thanks to Cat

Update:  Went over to theVBA site and found out a few things.

1. Yes, it is supposed to be fifteen, but you are also supposed to take your time and put in the blogs you want to get into the I am going to post in groups of five.

2. You can download the VBA thingie at VBA....see above.


  1. congrats on your blog award, and thanks for the award for me blog, it seems like you have been blogging longer, good to know about your sewing and pottery background.

  2. Hi Linda.....happy to help....not sure how the little icon comes through...we'll see, grasshopper, we'll see

  3. Thanks! I'll see how I can pass this on later- I love to know that people are really reading this stuff.

  4. Outstanding!!!!
    Do enjoy your blog!

    Seems I have fallen down the rabbit hole of getting ready for shows. Seems if my fingers are doing something it better be weaving :). So many thanks to those who keep me in the loop of blogging!


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