Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday it was sunny, with no wind and temps in the sixties.  This morning we woke up to this.  It's been such a warm winter that I never bothered to put the flamingos' hats and scarves on.  Yes, making little hats is something to do on winter nights!

The daffodils are next to the south side of the house.  It's built on a slab and the flowers in this garden are always early but these will probably bloom on the next warm, sunny day.  Crazy weather!

Meanwhile, Aloysius has taken to living among the plants.

Go figure!

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  1. It certainly has been a strange winter. We have lots of daffodils and they are blooming here and there. I don't think we are going to get large amounts blooming at one time.
    I would have liked to see those flamingos dressed in their winter gear!

  2. Pink flamingos, those are a mainstay here in florida we have some in our back yard and they are so faded from the sun they are now white, Ha. looks beautiful for me to see at a distance.

    I posted about the versatile blogger award a few posts ago in case you missed, thanks so much.

  3. I think I would be like that cat and just find a warm spot to be- in fact i could use a good cap nap right now!

  4. Hi Suzi
    I just found your blog. I know you have commented before but I don't think the link worked. But you have a very blog, and I'm glad I found it. I love the cat pics.

  5. We have had the same with out the snow--rats. Yesterday it got up to 80, this morning it was 21. I hate keeping 2 seasons worth of clothes in my closet. Not enough room.
    Had to laugh at those bewildered Flamingos.


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