Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mundane Stuff

I finished this yesterday.....another platter/pasta dish.  The pencil marks will burn out and it should have a clean, slightly off-white background.  Sometimes I get carried away with the number of colors I use and the pots become too busy.  With this one I limited myself to three colors,  poppy red, celeste green with a little orange for the poppy highlights, and of course black for the outline, but I don't consider black a color here....all Mason stains; the poppy and orange are zirconium encapsulated, so they are food safe.

platter 16&1/2"
Today has been all mundane studio stuff.....wedging clay.....sorting glazes and up my decorating area.  I am not big on cleaning except at my decorating table.  I have to be obsessively tidy there.  Contaminating stains gets expensive!

Sunny and in the 60's today.  The poor goldfish out in the fish pond are totally confused!  Supposed to get colder tomorrow......Groundhog Day!

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  1. beautiful brush work!
    i wish my studio was neater... it's a total mess right now... not a clean corner to be seen.

  2. Beautiful dish! The Poppies are so delicately painted. x

  3. A beautiful dish, a real joy to see it. Are you decorating (majolica style) on the glaze rather than under it? If you are, I am interested that you are able to draw guidelines with a pencil without disturbing the unfired glaze. I wondered if you have something in the glaze to harden it a bit to make it less likely to be damaged before it is fired?? Also, do you add anything to the Mason stains other than water before using them? I know that some people add a little glaze to stains to take away any risk that they might look "dry". Anyway, any technical hints and tips are always most welcome!

    Regarding your "confused" goldfish, the fact that they are confused proves that goldfish are intelligent after all, which is a wonderful discovery... although I may now feel even more guilty if I eat a tin of sardines!! To be confused you need to be able to keep at least two things in your mind at once.

  4. Ooops...,
    I see that you answered the question about "if you add anything to Mason stains" in a reply to a comment from Linda on your 2 January post. So please don't worry about replying to my one here! P.

  5. Oh so lovely the poppies are, nice touch the two colors, and I was thinking the rim additions would make the plate stackable with them as a separator? ceramic arts daily just had a video demo by Linda Arbuckle on her maiolica deco and she doesn't use pencil lines as she feel they may disturb but she also uses wax resist over the deco and then paints in the background color, I guess there are many ways to proceed.

  6. Well the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. We haven't had one yet.
    That is a really lovely dish. Well done.

  7. Hi Patti......thanks. The Groundhog did not see his shadow up here in RI.....could winter (such as it has been) be over?


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