Thursday, February 16, 2012


I started painting the house, a long slow process as I did not make it with the intention of glazing it.  If I ever do more of these I will paint a lot of the areas before adding others.   The nice thing about low fire is the options.  I could do a lot of work on the green piece, fire, add more color and/or clear glaze and refire with no ill effects.  I want this to feel like it has been built by non-professionals who want to brighten up their habitats.

House in Progress
This is, I assume, one of my original sketches, from about 2009, but the numbers I think are the date could be part of my way too cryptic notes to myself.

Original sketch?  ca. 2009

I've been experimenting lately with slow rise breads.  Basically it's a sour dough, but because it rises with only the sour dough starter it's a long process.  The slow rising makes for an excellent flavor.  I bake it when fully risen in a heated cast iron pot with the lid on.  This makes a good head of steam which gives the loaf it's crunchy crust.

I should have taken a picture of the loaf after I cut it.  It's a little tighter than I like but chewy with good flavor and a crispy crust.

What I really need to do is make a clay baker.  Perhaps I'll experiment in the spring when going into my studio does not demand the preparation and courage of an arctic expedition!

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  1. when you first posted this I couldn't picture it in mind but now that it is part way painted I love it. you say paint are you really painting it or is it glaze?

  2. Oh I came back and re-read and see you are using glazes. Will the wheels be moveable?

  3. It is so sweet - and it even looks like your original sketch... if I attempted it it would take on a life of its own in no time! xC

  4. I love this house! How cool that you still have the original sketch!

  5. oooooooooooooooh, love the house, Looooove the bread indeed!

  6. Wonderful design! As a nomadic potter I wish my house was on wheels like this :)

  7. The house is beautiful, lovely shape, can't wait to see it finished x

  8. I haven't been very good about getting back to comments. Thank-you all for your compliments and comments. There seems to be a building boom going on in blogland......I'm mulling over some thoughts on it.

    Thanks again...suzi


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