Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue Shoe Tuesday

Wandering through the various blogs I found two of you with blues shoes.....Tracey and Barbara are both wearing blues shoes (You will have to scroll down a bit to see Barbara's), So of course I had to find my blue shoes and join in.  I had a pair of ersatz croc garden sandals too, but Winter ate them as too yummy to resist!

I've started some tests of ideas for new designs.  I am experimenting with three different grays for a background.  The colors should show up more once it's fired.

The bowl is one I dropped shortly after I threw it.  It was still on the bat so I straightened it a bit, expecting that it would warp in the bisque.....it did.  But it's fine for tests.

I just realized that I am out of the little test bowls I make.  Guess what I will be doing later on?

The sun is out....a bit of gardening and sitting by pool and pond is in order.

Have an enjoyable day and, as always thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. Love those turquoise colored tennies!

    Beautiful painting on that bowl, too...

  2. I did not get the memo on blue shoes....I had to look twice to see you were not TB! Cute shoes.

  3. heheh funny :)

    I guess we are the potters with the best (or most questionable?) fashion sense!

  4. We 're wearing brown tomorrow! Love those shoes, haha! Too funny:)

  5. I didn't get the memo either but I only have one pair of shoes with me anyway, and they are my spiderman sneakers.

  6. Hi Julia....Thanks....we'll see, Grasshopper....we'll see.

    Hi Meredith....Thanks, sometimes we need a laugh!

    Hi Barbara....It seemed appropriate...I think questionable fashion sense!

    Hi Tracey....Inspiration comes in many forms....brown?

    Hi Lori...You have Spidey sneaks? Wow!

  7. Nice blue shoes and lovely colors on the little bowl.


  8. Hi Elna....Thanks...pink shoes may be coming up!


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