Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where Do You Get......

Your Crazy Ideas?......part 2

Where do you get your ideas, inspirations for work?  Just asking!

I was looking at some of my silk jackets and was struck by color combos that I have not used or at least not used very often.  I love the way dyes take to silk.  I can see more fooling around experimenting in the near future to get the surface I want.  Most of my designs have an organic feel to them, but I am beginning to try to incorporate some design elements that are more geometric.

Looking at these reminds me to try new color combos.  I am drawn to the third from the top.  Grayed colors can be difficult to get.....adding a little black just turns them to mud.  The trick is probably going to find a light gray and add color to it.  As I said, experimentation is in the near future!

 I have a rose in bloom!  This is a bush that inadvertently was almost demolished a year and a half ago.  I nursed it through last summer and winter and it seems to be recovering nicely.  It has a least two more buds on it.  On advice I have used Miracle Gro when I water.  I've also sprayed with Safer's Soap and fungicide.  Toes crossed that it will continue to bloom and grow.

It's sunny today and warming up.  Yesterday was actually cool enough to need a sweatshirt, with rain for the better part of the day.

I'm hoping for one of our long, mild falls.

Enjoy the day and as always, thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. You could use nickel oxide to get some grays, test test test though. Also, a manganese wash might be nice, but it's really toxic. I have found that I get my best inspiration from long rides and museum visits.

  2. You ARE a smart cat, aren^t you! I like how you are playing mindgames - and you are involving us! Your rose is pretty and certainly very dear to you after pampering it for so long. Sending you some warmth - here it is 33°C and definitely too hot! Christa

  3. I agree, the third one is great. What a lovely white rose.


  4. Lately my mind's palette takes me to the brightest colors, I've been using dark gray and light gray underglazes. I find the oxides, stains, and minerals don't quite give me the muted grays I'm looking for. Blacks yes, but the muted soft grays I haven't been able to duplicate except with underglazes. I use amaco underglazes and mayco stroke and coates.

  5. Inspiration comes from dreams, from conversations, from fabric, nature...from being receptive to it.

    Mirical Grown is GREAT for potted plants but kills everything nature wants your soil to have (friendly bacteria & the like). It's not a good idea for outside plants. It does make for interesting colors in pit firings & such too.

  6. beautiful rose, I have never had very good luck growing them.
    I really have a hard time pinpointing what inspires me... probably because it comes from so many sources... nature, environment, and most of all daydreams.

  7. Inspiration for me comes from textures of all kinds and muted colours. Those two things I find in abundance from mid autumn to early winter. Being new at this craft I'm just beginning to think about exploring these aspects in the simple forms I'm comfortable making.

  8. Dearest Suzi,

    Great post and LOVE your rose.
    Thanks for your kind words in regard to Pieter's brother!
    Hugs to you,

  9. Thanks for all your comments. I see that we all get our inspirations from myriad sources.
    Enjoy the day...........*s*


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