Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Went To The Fair.....

......The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair......and there I met  Michele.  It was so much fun meeting a fellow blogger.  We had so much to talk about that I went back again and hung around while she was doing a throwing demo at New Hampshire Potters Guild tent.  It would be so much fun if more of us could get together.....potters talk dirt!

I had to buy this mug from her partner in crime Jeff Brown.  I should have a photo of the shirt I was wearing yesterday when I was drinking morning tea from it  (the mug, not the shirt).  It's almost the same green.  It's not only a delight to the eye but pleasant to hold and use.  It's definitely a keeper!

Mug by Jeff Brown

I also bought a mug by Rob Cartelli.  His work is new to me.  I love the simple elegance of his designs.

Mug by Rob Cartelli

And I bought another mug by Eleanora Eden.  I have mugs of hers with a black background.  This is the first I have seen the iris and the light background.

Mug by Eleanor Eden

When I got home to R.I. I went through some of my boxes of mugs that I have not unpacked since selling my other house.  And LOOK WHAT I FOUND!  This is one of Jeff's mugs dated '99.  Gosh, do you think I like his greens?

Mug by Jeff Brown-1999
This is from an early visit to the fair.  Always fun, anyone in the area should go.

This post can also be found on Mud Colony and Artists in Blogland.  Drop in for a visit.  There are interesting posts on both sites.

Have a good week always, thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. now how funny is that- great mugs and it was great to see that you got to meet them.

  2. Nice story about the green mugs. NH Craftsman shows always make me drool, there is so much talent in that group. Like your first pot and your Cuban bread. Visiting from Artists in Blogland. xox

  3. how cool you already had a jeff mug and I like the last mug too, must check out her work.

  4. you're taste is consistent :^) some lovely mugs there.

  5. How cool is that! Jeff got a kick out of seeing one of his mugs from way back.
    It was a so great to meet up and YES we should all try to connect in person.

  6. How lovely these mugs are. I wished I could have my morning tea in one of them... thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I shall add you to my lovely blog list and I am looking forward to further posts from you. Have a splendid Sunday! Christa

  7. Hi Meredith....Loved it! Now I want to meet other potters.

    Hi Corinne.....Thanks for the kind words and finding me. I love these sites where all can pot.

    Hi Linda....Now I can have beverage with a friend out of Jeff mugs!

    Hi Anna...I guess my back brain know what I like!

    Hi Michele....I thought Jeff would enjoy seeing the older one.....nice to see the arc of design. We could have a pot party!

    Hi Christa...Thanks for finding me. I've added you to my list.

  8. I LOVE mugs and you have some great ones here

  9. They are all great in their own way, but I would have to say that my favourite is the third one, the tall bright flowery one ... I am soooo predictable!

  10. Great mugs and great write ups about them. It's always fun to meet internet buddies in person.

  11. Hi Bohemianniel Art......Thanks, glad you enjoyed the mugs and thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Catherine....If you google Eanora you can see a lot of her work.

    Hi Lori....I love having lots of mugs.....and meeting blogbuds!

  12. wow- pretty neat mugs. thanks for sharing! Inspires me to make some mugs of my own---

  13. Hi Amy...Thanks for coming by....A show like LNHC is soooooo inspiring!


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