Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's cooled off enough to think about firing the kiln......so, of course it rained just enough to be annoying.  The humidity feels like it's 100%......is that even possible? 

Below is the bottom shelf.  As I've said before I fire glaze and bisque in the same kiln.  I generally don't do both on the same shelf, but the bowl is a test...I want it directly over the elements in the bottom of the kiln.  The little ladybug bowl is a refire experiment using spooze with toilet paper added.

We'll see, Grasshopper.......we'll see.

 My moonflowers started blooming.  Below are the rather soggy blooms I found when I went out at six with Winter.  There will be more blooms but the first are always an event in the garden.

I love the way they look with the  morning glories, that today are unenthusiastic about blooming in the rain.  There is always tomorrow.....gee that could be the name of song.

The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon..........toes crossed!

Enjoy the day.....and, as always, thanks for stopping by......*s*


  1. wow that's a lot of work, I've never grown moon flowers, one of these days, I'll bet the fragrance is wonderful.

  2. Hi Linda....I really need to get my small kiln working.... it's complicated! Moonflowers have fragrance when they bloom fades rapidly as the flowers do.

  3. That kiln looks good, I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the glaze test.

  4. Nice pack job! I always fired glaze and bisque together. Looking forward to seeing your tests and the final glazes.
    Love the moonflower!

  5. Dearest Suzi,

    Hope your weather will be good.
    Love your huge moon flowers! We used to have them as a hedge over quite a length. Hanging over the wire fence of our wood garden, adjacent to the road. We did collect the seeds and reseed them each year.
    Thanks for your comforting words last week... It meant a lot to us.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Hi Lori....Thanks, there are many more shelves to go...plates next!

    Hi Judy.....Nice to find another who mixed glaze and bisque in the same kiln....toes crossed that all goes well.

    Hi Mariette....Wow! A hedge of moonflowers; that must have been gorgeous. Is collecting seed difficult?
    Hope all continues well with you.

  7. thats cool that you can fire glaze and bisque together... perfect for getting things through the cycle quickly.

  8. I am a big fan of Moonflowers! We have had more but I can see a few up there at the top.
    Do you get hummingbird moths coming at night for yours?
    Pots look great- it is muggy here again- summer is back.

  9. Lovely moonflower! I wonder how your test comes out! Good luck! Christa

  10. hadn't read before that you bisque and glaze fire at the same time. what temp do you fire to? never heard of that before. neat!

  11. Here from Christa's blogroll (I loved the title of your blog.)

    Moonflowers look like spikenard, don't they?

  12. Hi Michele....it does have advantages, particularly since I don't have my small kiln.

    Hi Meredith.....I've had a few hummingbird moths. I think there are more but we can't easily see them at night.

    Hi Christa.....Moon flowers are really special...toes crossed on the test!

    Hi Amy.....I fire to ^04....strictly low-fire!

    Hi Suze....Thanks for finding me. Suze was my family nickname!


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