Friday, August 3, 2012

My First Pot

Adriana did a post about the first pots she ever made.  

Below is the first pot I ever made.  I was friends with a RISD grad student who started teaching me how to throw.  It's glazed with a apple wood ash from wood burned in my fireplace. It's one of the few pots I ever did that was reduction fired.

 I loved doing this but stopped when I moved out of Providence six months later. Twenty years would pass before I returned to what I thought was an interesting little side line became a complete obsession.

I have pots from when I started again in 1985, but they are all packed away.  Someday I will ferret them out and look at them.

I find it most interesting that with all my moving about (and I moved a lot in my younger days) I always managed to hold on to this pot and have it in whatever studio I was using at the time.

It's hot and steamy here....thunder showers this evening.

This post will also be on Mud Colony, everyone should stop by and see the posts there.

Have a cool week end and as always, thanks for stopping by..........*s*


  1. Hi Smart Cat - I had the same reaction to Adriana's post and will be taking a photo of mine later. Yours looks pretty good to me and a nice glaze. Like you mine has followed me around for many moves :^)

  2. I still have my first pot too, an ugly little thing dated 2003. I think I might have posted a photo of it a while back. It's good to have these things to appreciate all the hard work it takes to get a really good piece! Yours is way nicer than mine:)

  3. Dearest Suzi,

    At least you are miles ahead of me; I've never created one.
    Looks perfect!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. A respectable first pot!

    I don't know what happened to my first wheel thrown pot... I made it in the 8th grade (1975?). I do still have a hand built wall pocket from the same art class.

  5. I don't have my first pot from throwing it was rather thick and heav to say the least and had a thick tenmoku, it go smashed. Your's is worth saving and I hope to see your other pots some day too.

  6. Hi Anna.....Thanks. Sometimes we don't recognize the importance of things even when they stare us in the face!

    Hi Tracey....You said it! Thanks.

    Hi Mariette...Thanks. You could always take a class in all your 'free' time!

    Hi Michele....Thanks! You got hooked a lot sooner than I did.

    Hi Linda...Thanks! I should have clarified somewhere that this is the first pot I saved....I think it was about a month or so in.

  7. I had looooong hiatus's in between High School and getting serious... but I did dream about making pots all those years in between!

  8. It's a very nice pot! I love the shape and colour! You've inspired me to drag out my first pot! Not nearly so impressive however!


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