Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Nemo

Has everyone  GOOGLED  today?  If you haven't; you should, for the fun of the doodle.

Below is a group of whistles from the last firing......gossipers all!

Clouds with rain coming, but warm.  It's a good day for mostly inside stuff.

Stay out of trouble....or if you can't at least let it be fun trouble.

As always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. google for a doodle, ha, will have to check it out. sweet whistles. I took a whistle workshop once and had a hard time getting it to work, but finally got it, it was in the shape of a flute. then I had the whistle at a show and it dropped on the concrete and smashed into tiny pieces, bummer.

  2. I played with today's google doodle this morning.
    Your whistles are so sweet!
    Rainy and humid here and I am trying to find some trouble to get into.

  3. That was a great doodle, they are really creative at google. Speaking of creative, those are great whistles. A friend at Penland was trying to teach me how to make one but I just don't have the patience or talent or something.


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