Friday, October 26, 2012

Santa Daze

I'm making Santas again.  These little guys are glazed but not fired.  The faces have clear glaze on them; details will come out after firing.  The glaze is Speedball red with Spectrum Satin 200 series clear, white and black.  I've found that I can use Amaco, Spectrum, and Speedball commercial glazes on unfired clay, thus saving time and money.

I have finally accepted in some part of me that there are no cheap Santas!  I can do mice and pigs and penguins easily and quickly. but Santas are time consuming.  I think it's a case of finding the right location to market them.  

After all the health hassles I have gone through since I retired, I am finally feeling mentally and physically excited about getting back into selling beyond the small from studio sales I have done lately. BTW, my health problems have not been major or life threatening.....more of nuisance factors which have slowed my life down.

This is the top of my favorite beech tree.  I love the way the sun hits it in the early morning.  It may be the last of what fall color we have had as we are supposedly getting A BIG STORM at the beginning of the week....hurricane, snowstorm and northern blast of's FRANKENSTORM!   Oh Please! Yes we will prepare for the worst, but it's also time to clean up the yard for winter; work that has to be done anyway.  Any rain will be welcome; wells are beginning to have problems here on top of the hill.

I'm sorry if I sound a bit cynical about this, but I can't help feeling that there is just a bit of disaster porn going on here.  You would think we had never had a storm before.

It's supposed to be nice through tomorrow.....good outdoor weather.  It never hurts to prepare.

This will also be posted at Mud Colony.  Jump over and see what is going on.  More posts every week.  What do they call hurricanes Down Under?

Enjoy the week end and as always.............thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. The santas are cute, they should sell well.
    I agree with you about they storm hype but if they didn't hype it up we wouldn't glue ourselves to the TV and get to see all those ads.
    My favorite part is the weather reporters who aren't smart enough to come in out of the rain.

  2. The very cutest santas ever! and I hear ya on the pricing, you can never get what a handcrafted item is worth! I've had some annoying health things going on to, surprising how behind you get when minor body ailments interfere :)
    My husband is packing to go cover the STORM, since he is the NC photographer for the AP, and yes, what hype it all is, you would think they would get tired of the drama, it happens every year!

  3. oh storm here means we buy all the bread and milk in the world! I have the edge on them since I make my own bread- still using your recipe, it is the best!
    Yea, nothing is ever easy in what we do.

  4. hi Lori....Thanks. Just think, we can be glued to our TV,s and watch political ads! OH JOY!

    Hi Tracey....Thanks. The santas are going to cost more than the mice, no two ways about it! Tell Gerry t [;ay it safe.....why would anyone do that?

    Hi Meredith....I'm taking a cue from Gary and using the recipe for calzones tonight. This being RI we stock up on beer in addition to bread and milk, which all our liquor stores sell!

  5. We call them cyclones. Happen in the top part of Australia.
    Your Santas are great. Sad to hear your not feeling the best so get better soon. Nice post.

  6. love SANTA :) people are glad to hear about storms rather than elections for a couple of days!

  7. Those santas are great! And should cost more since you only make a few seasonally!

    Yeah - it bugs me that weather now is broadcast from the 'severe' weather desk - even on a bright sunny day.
    And I'm sure the rains will be beneficial to many. Stay safe & dry though.

    Glad to hear your health issues are improving.

  8. Hi Rhonda...Cyclones....I'll remember that. I'm feeling better every day.

    Hi Gary......Thanks, I am SICK of electioneering!

    Hi Judy....Thanks....I'm taking the flamingoes in today.

  9. What lovely elves you are doing. It's not fun with storm and it seems to be hefty.



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