Saturday, October 13, 2012


Visit Whynot Pottery HERE......they are celebrating thirty years of potting at their studio guessed Why Not, NC.

Below is the sweet little pot Meredith sent when I was the first to respond to her blog post.  A photograph cannot capture the depth and vibrancy of the glaze.  I love the sense of's a big little pot.

A Little Pot from Whynot 

Goldfish in the pond inspired the goldfish whistles.  They are still swimming in their little school.  The water is warmer than the air this morning.  All these little guys whistle.  I am thinking of using paper clay to make them as Christmas ornaments.  I hang my favorite ornaments year round from plants; perhaps others would do the same.

The balloon pitcher came through nicely and even pours!  I need to do a lot more work on the design, especially the feet.  I just stuck them on; they need to be incorporated into the body of the pot.  I'm not even going to show the interior.  When I was started sewing one of the things I learned was that the inside of the garment should be as finished as the outside.  The same is true of pots.  Of course with pottery we are making vessels so the interior has to be functional, and not have lethal bits of clay to cause injury to the user, but it needs to be pleasing too.

It was cold this morning, but not the killing frost that was predicted for most of the area.  I think it was 30 at 5:30 AM.  We finished getting the plants in yesterday afternoon.  I covered the outdoor dahlias because they are blooming and pretty.  I think it was down in the mid 20's in other parts of New England.  BRRRRR!!!

It's warming up.  Rain is coming, which is not a bad thing.  Meanwhile we have beautiful, clear skies with bright sun.  The sun is shining into my studio.  This afternoon we will do more work outside.  There is always something to do.

Winter is doing her deer chasing job.  As soon as she goes out on the deck or her run they run away to the other side of the stone wall.  There's plenty of stuff to eat in the woods, so she is not causing any great deer deprivations.

Enjoy the weekend.  If you are having a sale or doing a show may you have sunny skies and sell many pots.

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  1. I am on my way down to Whynot in about an hour! I have the mug that matches your little bottle, so pretty!

  2. Lovely all three of the pictures but the last one is my favorite.


  3. The balloon pitcher is so sweet - I rather like its feet! It's getting cold here too and my kiln is in our freezing cold garage ! xCathy

  4. I love the pitcher specially too :) But the tiny pot and fishes are awesome too! :)
    It's getting colder here too, and we definitly can say good-bye to summer already. But every season has it's beauty, isn't it?
    Greetings from Mallorca island, Mediterranean.

  5. Hi Tracey....I Read your blog, love the big little pot and mug.

    Hi Elna...Thanks, I need to make lots more!

    Hi Catherine....Thanks, the beet look much better in the photo!

    Hi Anastasia.....I'm not sure where you are, but thanks for the kind words!

  6. I think the pitcher is beautiful, I wish you were happier with the inside. Now you know for the next one.

  7. Lovely work! I like that balloon jug and lot and the added feet give an awesome look! I love pots and jugs on little feet! The fishes are wonderful too! Christa


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