Thursday, December 27, 2012

On The Third Day

Of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Three tired Santas,

We have had several days of celebrating Christmas.  Proge's presents of the first two seasons of Boardwalk Empire.  I gave him The fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire;  A Dance With Dragons.  And I got Linda Arbuckle's cd Majolica Decoration.  It's kind of fun to stretch the holidays.

It snowed last night for several hours.  Winter saw her first snow.  I have to say she did not appear to be thrilled with the whole idea.  It turned to rain about midnight and then back to sleet by morning.  Thankfully we did not have to go anywhere today. The photo was taken by flash and light on the deck.  I'm a little surprised that I got anything......the wonders of modern technology!

I began cleaning my studio today.  I'm not sure how I have managed to accumulate so much stuff since I did a big clean up in September.  The stuff does pile up.

I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow.  We can always use rain, but does it have to come down all at once?

Duck soup for dinner tonight.  I never took any photos of our celebration dinner.  We ate it up too quickly!

As always, thanks for stopping by.........*s*


  1. Ha on cleaning out the studio! I swear I cleaned it out the first week do Dec. but after the big purge stuff ended in the studio! Now to purge the studio! I am itching to get back to work! Happy full moon SC ;)

  2. The fact that there are no photos of the celebration dinner is a good sign, it must have been most enjoyable! I think there must be some deep instinct at work that motivates potters to clean studios at this time of the year, like nest building. I was straightening out some of my mess on Boxing Day, then sat down at the wheel and made some more. Mugs... I'm making mugs!
    Happy New Year to you, P

  3. We were very happy to see the rain since our well pump gave out. We ended up collecting 20 one galllon jugs and 7 five gallon buckets. That's a lot of rain!

  4. When I start cleaning my studio it's hard to stop... Thanks for reminding me to clean it yet again. Happy New Year!

  5. I couldn't get on your blog yesterday, google chrome told me there was a link to ceramic arts dot org that was a known malware! I knew it couldn't be true and tonight I am able to read yesterdays post and todays.

    It's way more fun when the celebrating is spread out over many days. Less of a let down that way...
    and duck soup sounds delicious!

  6. Hi Sandy....I've vowed that I wil finish the clean up before I start working again.....well, I guess cleaning is work but........

    Hi Peter.....I think the urge to clean has something to do with cycles and the changing seasons.

    Hi Tracey....Water collecting, I know it well. Toes crossed that your are up and running soon!

    Hi Amy...It's that time of year!

    Hi Michele....I've had that problem a few times. Very strange indeed! Not sure what it's all about!

    I think in many places Christmas is celebrated through Twelfth Night. I'm kind of glad American retailers have't picked u[ on it!

  7. Suzie, I just read on clayart that ceramic arts dot org has been blocked by chrome for malware. I get their daily e-mails and now realize that I haven't gotten one in quite a few days. I wonder if they have taken the site down to clean it. Maybe they had linked to your or vice versa sometime in the past.

  8. Studio cleaning seems like an endless job. You just get finished, work a little, then clean again.


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