Saturday, January 5, 2013

On The Twelfth Day

Of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Twelve terrific mugs'

Eleanora Eden, Naomi Lindenfield, Lee Rexrode, Iris Minc
Barbara Knutson, Jason Fong, ?, Laconia Pottery?

Uriarte Talavera, ?

Jeff Brown, Kristen Kieffer

I have many more mugs down in my studio.  These happen to be among the ones I have in the kitchen.  I'm trying to change them out a little more often.

It's Twelfth Night tonight.

As always, thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. Sweet collection! Fun to see so many of my fellow NH Potters Guild & League members.
    We have a few of Barbara Knutson's pots and I just love them.

    I just switched up the ones in our cabinet to make room for new additions.

  2. a nice collection. My decorations come down on 12th night and the house always seems so bare afterwards :^)

  3. Hi Michele....Thanks. Can you identify any of the questioned ones? Unfortunately when I moved out of the house I sold a few years ago I wasn't very good about keeping mugs and info together.

    I like to buy mugs. They are a great way to collect others' work......affordable and indicative of style.

    I have so many great mugs. Like you I am trying to switch mine out more often rather than have them permanently in my studio.

    Hi Anna.....Theoretically we take everything down this week end....reality is that we leave them up because we enjoy the color. We live back from the road so no one gets to comment on the weirdos who keep decorations up.

  4. You have a lot of nice mugs.


  5. Hi Elna....Thanks; these are just a few of what I have.

  6. Very nice collection, it must take you a few minutes to pick one out to use each day.

  7. Hi Gary....There are more where those came from.

    Hi Lore......I generally use the 'reach and grab' method of choosing.

  8. A feast for the eyes! We also have pared our collection of mugs to make room for more handmade ones!


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