Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I always worry about the critters in the cold weather. Around here we have to be careful some squirrels have gotten in people's car engines and chewed up their wiring causing hundreds of dollars of damage.

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    That squirrel wears a fluffy winter coat! Nice in the snow...

  3. Hi Elna.....Squirrels are cute, but devlish!

    Hi Sandy.....Squirrels are okay as long as there aren't too many of them!

    Hi Linda....Squirrels are real little survivors! Winterpup enjoys chasing them so they aren't a real problem for us.

    Hi Mariette.....They really fluff up when the temp drops!

  4. The squirrels here do this when my dogs are in the house and can't get to them. It drives the dogs nuts which, probably makes the squirrels really amused.

  5. haha, look at this little dude! listen, that teapot and cup? I have another one in the works, if you like either one please email me next week when you see the 2nd one if you would like to consider buiying one, as you said :) thanks! garyrith at yahoo dot com

  6. Hi Lori....Winter loves chasing squirrels; like you said, the squirrels are probably laughing!

    Hi Gary......Waiting!

  7. Thanks for the visit and your sweet words. Love these fat squirrels. Everyone always seem to want them gone, but I find them endlessly fascinating. xox

  8. Hi Corinne....Squirrel cuteness is part of their defense mechanism! Thanks for stopping by.


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