Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Memory Lane

Here is a picture, ca. 1978 of our dear Nubian goats, Felicity (on the left) and Narcissus (on the right).  Felicity was a doe and Narcissus was a wether and her buddy.  They were so gentle that we could let them out of the pen and they would follow us around like dogs.  

I just realized that I forgot to photograph the teapot that I am glazing. I'll do an update or another post later.

Meanwhile it's a bright sunny day......but.....the blackflies are out,  Time to dig out my hat and insect repellent.  Blackfly bites can be extremely nast.

Enjoy the sun, and, as always, thanks for stopping by.........*s*


  1. I love goats and have always wanted to have a couple.
    I certainly don't miss black flies. They used to make me swell up like crazy.
    We are finally seeing some sun today, it's been a dreary week here in NC.

  2. Nubians have the sweetest personalities, you must miss them. Flies are here too. xox

  3. I miss having goats and they are like dogs that love to follow you around. If I had my way we would have a couple.
    I was making goat cheese back in 1978 and could not give it away!
    Now- 15.00 and up a pound....

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    Oh, goats do make lovely pets.
    Great photo and very fond memories!
    Hugs to you and so glad you got sunshine.

  5. I too love goats. I use to have a Spanish goat (Lucy Faye Lorraine) that went on trail rides with me, trotting behind my horse, pack pony and my Great Dane. We made quite the parade.

  6. Aren't they sweet nuzzling at the fence line. I just got some drunken goat cheese at the farmer's market. I have never had goats but used to bring all my weeds to my neighbor's goats at my California gardens

  7. oi, BLACKFLIES, the hell of May in New England...

  8. Hi Michele....After goats, ducks etc.....I'm sticking with dogs and cats. I can see no need for blackflies in the ecology of the world.

    Hi Corrine...They were real sweeties.

    Hi Meredith....In the seventies eating goat cheese was nothing short of weird....let alone making it!

    Hi Mariette....Love the sun, but it is getting a little dry....rain is coming.

    Hi Patti...Now that is a sight to see!

    Hi Linda....I'ma fan of drunken goat cheese.

    Hi Gary....Blackflies are definitely the drawback to spring here....still I understand that in Maine they get to the size of dive bombers!

  9. They are lovely goats! What big ears they have got! :)


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